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For more than 20 years Marina has been exploring personal development, spiritual and yogic practices aiming at understanding the nature of existence and gaining insights on consciousness and unfolding human potential.  

German born Marina grew up and studied in Hamburg (Dipl. Communication Designer FH; MA), lived and worked in London, Milan, Zurich and Dubai, and enjoyed an international career as design director and brand management consultant, with eventually more than 15 years of cross-cultural experience. The time came when the above mentioned explorations unveiled territory and skills which called for more commitment from her side – and she left the fast-paced corporate world. 

These days she lives in Germany and India, mentoring individuals who are ready to step up and transform their lives. She offers a space that helps to broaden perspective, expand consciousness, clear a person’s energy system and align them with their true self to raise the level of vitality, happiness and overall life quality (which implies dissolving health issues and emotional, material or spiritual challenges at their root cause as well as unveiling the unique talents that naturally exist in every individual).

Energy Practitioner & Facilitator: Marina can draw and hold higher energy and frequencies, based on her soul formation, and then transmit these to others. She has received various initiations, e.g. from living Himalayan and South Indian Masters, which further purified and awakened her system’s ability to receive and transmit supreme and powerful energies, light and information – frequencies which have a profound effect on a person’s field, the physical and subtle body layers, dissolving what’s blocking and replacing it with something higher.

As a Medium she receives information and impulses from the Galactic Centre and through particular dimensions and connections in the Universe – letting her be a change agent of transformation and personal growth for others. Although knowing that everyone has the capacity to heal themselves, it sometimes needs a trigger or push to get things going. And to experience a high vibrational space with optimal healing conditions or accessing knowledge encoded in the subtle/non-physical plane of existence can be of great help to clear the energy system, raise awareness, dissolve limiting life patterns and realign with one’s own inner powers.

Marina is happily married to her Indian soul and life partner, a business man, yoga teacher and photographer. She speaks German (mothertongue), English, Italian and Hindi (in progress…). 


Important note:

Marina is NOT a physician and does not diagnose or treat a disease. If you have a serious medical or mental condition, please inform her and seek medical advice from your doctor or other health care professional. Marina is in service to spirit and it is through spirit-source-the divine that you shift energetically into a state where healing becomes available to you and by you, in partnership with spirit. Marina cannot guarantee specific results. You as client take full responsibility for using this service – and by contacting her for a session you acknowledge this. 

This work is NOT for people who are pushed by others, their partners or friends, so please make an appointment only if you come out of your own initiative, you feel you can trust Marina wholeheartedly and are truly ready and committed. The transformation process is a collaboration between therapist and client. The effect depends also on the receiver’s receptivity, so openness and trust on your side are crucial. Your mind should be ready to receive, and your system able to relax into the process. 

And it is also NOT for those who are holding on to victim roles, parasite behaviour and self-righteousness. If you have doubts let’s talk. If doubts persist, you might find a practitioner more suitable for you.

Significant influences on the path (apart from own transformative – really painful and really beautiful – life experiences):
  • Intense Meditation & Yoga practice incl. initiation and training from Himalayan and South Indian Masters; guiding meditation classes for individuals, private groups and companies;
  • Pranayama (with Anthony Lobo, close disciple of B.K.S. Iyengar);
  • Training and certification in Clinical Hypnosis (L1, L2, L3, PLR), further training in Advanced Hypnotic Modalities, Past Life Regression and Talking to the Subconscious (since 2010 work with Dr. Yogesh Choudhary, director of the Indian Institute of Hypnotherapy New Delhi, the Indian branch of the California Hypnosis Institute);
  • HypnoBirthing® Practitioner (The Mongan Method);
  • Practice and certification in different healing modalities: Holistic Massage (Reflexology & Ayurveda), Reconnective Healing®/The Reconnection® (with Eric Pearl) and Pranic Healing (PI, PII, PIII, AYP) acc. to Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui;
  • Constellation work (Bert & Sophie Hellinger, Bertold Ullsamer, Doris Lessing-Schneider);
  • Initiatic Art Therapy acc. to Dr. Maria Hippius-Gräfin Dürckheim and Prof. Karlfried Graf Dürckheim;
  • Transpersonal psychology;
  • Travel and sojourns in India (Himalaya region, Rishikesh, Badrinath, Vrindavan/Mathura, Shirdi, Tiruvannamalai, Puttaparthi, Ganeshpuri);

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