A Divine Space is a room for Holistic Mentoring, Yogic Health and Healing. I offer Private Consultations to conscious, smart women and men who feel their potential, but at the same time may be unclear, anxious and stuck in certain areas in their lives. As Life Coach with an MA in Communication Design, certifications in therapeutic work for personal growth and own awakening experiences, I share my knowledge and offer impulses for your transformation, activation and upliftment. 

Crisis, dis-ease, unhappiness and suffering are an invitation to pay attention to what is really going on within ourselves – on physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual level. My approach focuses on your self-awareness. This is an essential key to get to know yourself and to cognise the roots of suboptimal thought- , behaviour- and relationship- patterns, energetic entanglements, emotional charges and physical tensions.

When working with me in individual 1:1 Sessions, you can choose between a 3 days Intensive, a 9 weeks Mentoring Programme and 6 months Deep Dive. I offer a consciousness field to help you harmonise your multidimensional body system, and recall your original essence, natural gifts and unique energy signature.

The more you let go of what you are not and re-member what you are, the more integrated bodyfield and more refined your perception antennae become. And this paves the way for true well-being, self-realisation and optimal life-decisions.

Sat Chit Ānanda

ॐ ॐ ॐ