Welcome to A Divine Space. Here you get impulses for your (self-)healing, self-realisation and progress. Receive energetic balm during challenging life transitions as well as activations, more clarity and ease in your unique unfolding. Individual sessions and programmes, online or in person.

Focus of my work:
Holistic Coaching 

Soul Retrievals
Aura Detox & High Frequency Alignment

More and more people are questing to connect with their true selves, and realize that the path leads within. And that it means also to free themselves from limiting behaviour and relationship patterns, beliefs, and energies. Because everything we clear internally has a positive effect on our perception and the interpretation of the things that are presented to us in everyday life, and thus also on our self-realisation. More in ‘Procedure‘.

Whether mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, physical, financial stagnation, conflict or crisis – there is a way to get to a profound experiential understanding of your situation and its context. And therewith get new reference points, awareness shifts and orientation about your next best step.

high frequency alignment

High Frequency Alignment: activation & harmonisation in silence (without physical touch), photo: Hamburg space

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