A Divine Space is a room for yogic energy- and awareness practice. It is about inspiring you into high frequency beingness. My aim as holistic life coach is to facilitate beneficial impulses for your soul healing and self realisation. 

Turning within is the first step in becoming more aware of how you really are and how you relate to your self while in the world. Self-Awareness implies you become more attentive to what is going on inside of you – what you feel, think, say and do. This not only sharpens your antennae for refined perception and intuitive guidance of your higher self, but also gives you the opportunity for timely course correction. The divine connection is within you and by aligning consciously with it you return to the sacred flow of universal guidance and become also more integrated with the world around you – other people, the animal kingdom, nature, Earth and the cosmos. 

May you re-member your unique celestial soul spark and inherent multidimensional interconnectiveness. Here is to the loving, exhuberant, mystically beautiful, creative and cooperative reality of existence!

Sat Chit Ānanda

ॐ ॐ ॐ