Welcome to A Divine Space. Here you can get impulses and support for your self-discovery, consciousness cultivation, during specific life transitions or in times of acute crisis. I offer Clearing, Healing & Guidance to those who are ready to let go of limiting life patterns.

  1. For Personal Challenges:
    Certain issues keep coming up in your life. Good news: we can deeply clear your energetic system as well as tune into a state of consciousness that helps you to get to the rootcause of a problem. The resulting awareness shift supports your (self-)healing and return to a positive life flow. 

  2. Supervision for Healers / Body Therapists / Yoga Teachers: 
    Energetic clearing and/or coaching to strengthen you, refine your higher perception, to streamline your personal path and therewith positively effect also your professional interaction with your clients or students.

I provide a safe consciousness space in which you can get insights about your current issues yourself. At the same time, I read your energy ‘between the lines’, uncover potential incoherences and imbalances, and therewith help to establish your field integrity. Alternatively, I can do an entire Reading & Clearing and present the findings to you. 

We untangle you from non-beneficial believes and energies, which will positively effect your perception and interpretation of things that come your way, as well as uplift your entire beingness. We work across time and space with all-inclusive, non-judgemental consciousness to bring up what lies buried in your system. This way, we can release stored toxic emotions and shed data that does not serve your highest good. Replacing less beneficial imprints with higher frequency alternatives and re-membering aspects that belong to you are an essential part of the process too. I do not interfere with what you have learned, but I will ask questions and challenge your status quo.

My programs usually take place remotely and as zoom online sessions. The work is as profound and effective as a meeting in person, and moreover, it allows flexible scheduling, especially if we are in different time zones.

Why bother?

Just as you sign a letter in an individual, unmistakable way, as unique is your whole being, your self, your soul, your spirit. And the special talents and gifts that you bring to Earth through this incarnation want to be recognised and lived. Then you experience vitality, fulfillment and an optimal flow of life.

I invite you to liberate and live your very own spiritual handwriting. And learn also how to read the energy essence of other people, places, things and circumstances. I’m delighted to support you in the recognition and transformation of imprints, programmings and ancestral / collective / planetary blockages that stand in your way.

In the benevolent field of pure consciousness we work attentively, professionally structured, heart-centred and creatively. The tools and modalities for your sessions with me get synchronised according to your situation. 

From India with Love,

golden sun beam himalaya

Whether mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, physical, financial stagnation or crisis – there is a way to get to a profound experiential understanding of your situation. And therewith get new reference points, an awareness shift and resolution (reconciliation and completion).