Welcome to A Divine Space. Here you get impulses for aligning your body, mind, soul and spirit. Receive energetic balm during challenging life transitions as well as insights that contribute to your reconnection with your true unique self.

My work helps busy people
•  to relieve stress, performance pressure and mental overload
•  to cognise the underlying subconscious dynamics of their burn out / sense of dissatisfaction / self-sabotage
•  to transit out of their corporate jobs (like I did) and become happy entrepreneurs

and indecisive people
•  to gain clarity to make optimal decisions and take the next best step forward
•  to reconnect to their inner strength and incorruptible light core during life transitions
•  to transform doubts / anxiety / fog and return to a positive life flow

and spiritual seekers
•  to become and stay well grounded
•  to release resistence of living in the worldly market place
•  to step up in their awareness practice and refine their discernment

and individuals
•  to clear the root cause of issues / dis-eases that keep coming back in their lives
•  to heal emotional wounds from childhood and release compensation strategies
•  to recognise and release entanglements, attachments and identifications

and couples
•  to dissolve destructive situations, thought- and behaviour patterns that repeat themselves in their relationship
•  to understand personal challenges and facilitate aha-moments to nourish conscious interaction with each other
•  to free and balance their feminine and masculine energies

and yoga teachers / spa therapists / holistic health practitioners
•  to optimise their personal path
•  to refresh their body system, to feel lighter and become resilient
•  to improve their professional interaction with clients / students

I provide a safe consciousness space in which we untangle you from limiting believes and energies. This will positively effect your perception and interpretation of things that come your way, as well as uplift your entire beingness. We work across time and space with all-inclusive, non-judgemental consciousness to bring up what lies buried in your system. This way, we can release stored toxic emotions and shed data that does not serve your highest good. Replacing less beneficial imprints with higher frequency alternatives and re-membering aspects that belong to you. 

The modalities for our sessions get synchronised according to your situation. This may include: advanced modalities from Clinical Hypnosis (e.g. past life regression, talking to the subconscious), Family Constellation, Meditation techniques, Soul Retrieval, integrative Bodywork, Energy Clearings and Readings. 

We usually work remotely, e.g. online via zoom. It is as profound and effective as a meeting in person, and moreover, it allows flexible scheduling, especially if we are in different time zones. 

golden sun beam himalaya

Whether mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, physical, financial stagnation or crisis – there is a way to get to a profound experiential understanding of your situation. And therewith get new reference points, awareness shifts and resolution (reconciliation and completion).