A Divine Space is a room for yogic energy practice, holistic healing and polarity integration. My aim is to facilitate impulses for clearing and activating your soulfield, so you increasingly better understand yourself and consciously embody your original essence, natural gifts and unique energy signature. 

It takes certain steps to cultivate and maintain a beautiful garden. Equally there is a process for soul healing. Our soul, though pure and potent in its original state, is fragile, and repeated negativity, stressful experiences and traumata can fracture and cover it. Good news is that our illuminated, incorruptible spirit self can guide us to heal. 

Crisis, dis-ease, unhappiness and suffering are an invitation to pay attention to what is really going on within ourselves – on physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual level. 

Self-awareness is the key to release limiting belief and behaviour patterns, conditionings, compulsions and emotional charge. The more inner clutter we let go of, the purer our multidimensional body system and more refined our perception become. And this paves the way for self-realisation and optimal life-decisions.

Sat Chit Ānanda

ॐ ॐ ॐ