How energies determine our behaviour

Experience in the field of personal transformation and inner process work shows that every phenomenon, every system and every behaviour is related to energy. Every emotion or feeling is an energy and in a state of higher consciousness the specific characteristics, origins and missions of energies can be revealed. In particular, unpleasant heavy, dark ones can teach us a lot. If we are open to it.

Good news is that you can convert (transmute) twisted emotions and energies that interfere with your health, your behaviour, perception, well, your whole life. And in fact, dissolving energy blockages or emotional charge is essential for being able to connect with your true self and infinite being that you are.

A major problem with the people on Earth is, that they have forgotten their true (non- material) self and that which is bigger than themselves (existence, god, highest divine consciousness, whatever you want to call it). They’ve forgotten that they are energy systems which can not only transmit but also receive or attract energies – and many carry a lot of clutter. Individuals are covered by all sorts of destructive energies, subtle imprints and mental concepts, so that their body vehicles (the physical and subtle body systems) do not function fully – higher dimensional frequencies are not processed, or may not even be experienced. And those who have begun to clean up their energy fields often stop too early and let their ego take over (thinking they got ‘enlightened’ and do not need to learn anymore). 

The focus of my work is to clear your system and expand your field of awareness so that you receive cosmic life energy through your own soul system. That you behave in a balanced way and are able to use your free will and your increasing discrimination abilities in harmony with divine order (cooperation, love, peace, harmony, acceptance, creativity,… ) and make choices for your highest good.

What is behaviour?

Actions and reactions via a certain expression. And expression happens through language (choice of word, tone, speed) and body language (facial expressions, gestures, posture, eyes). Various factors determine our output. Our body is thereby like a computer with a specific software and the software – either pure or tainted (= virus) – determines our behaviour.

Behaviour is really only an outward expression – awareness and energies are behind it. And there are virus-like energies, which can occupy an individual. The majority of influences comes from our subconscious mind. Conscious mind thinks, subconscious mind directs. So our lives are determined by our conscious / unconscious thought patterns, their energies, their associated emotions / feelings and our behaviour – and from repeated behaviour our habits get formed (and from habits potentially the addictions).

How do you recognize a disturbance in you?

  • Emotional charge: Certain situations, people or memories trigger an emotional charge, a contraction / tension (irritation, anger, sadness, jealousy, resistance, anxiety etc). Emotional charge usually leads to impulsive reactivity which we might later regret. Why are you sometimes emotionally reactive and sometimes calm? Emotions can not only bind us to people and situations but can also interfere with the mechanism of our cells, and thus disturb the chemical household of our bodies. The etheric body brings energy to the cells nucleus and from there it flows to the cell periphery. How irritated or harmonious is the charge of your cells?
  • Compulsiveness: Any type of repeated and obsessive behaviour as well as extreme attachments and addictions to food, substances, people, relationships, activities, situations etc are indicative of imbalances.
  • Behavioural variations:  If you are dealing lovingly with one person, but unkind to another person. Where is the input for your behaviour coming from? Try to understand this: is your behaviour the same with everybody, in all situations? If not, then obviously something disturbs your inner balance.
  • Physical ailments and dis-ease: This is often the only way left for your system to initiate a pause and slow down (which is an opportunity for you to recognize something essential and learn).

Psychology is somewhat limited unfortunately, as it does not explain from which depths or heights our impulses come, where the roots are. It does not speak of a free will (which we all have), of energy bodies (Koshas) and the metaphysical, ‘spiritual’ aspects (transcendental / higher consciousness, past lives, frequencies etc). But reality goes far beyond the physical, logically analysable world.

There are various energies that can have an restrictive and distortive impact on us. These can be pure tamasic energies (fear, anger, arrogance, impatience, etc.) or blockages in the form of ancestral imprints, spirits, implants, fragmented soul parts or vows. These are energetic challenges, which can be clarified and resolved, however. 

The way inward

Our external reality starts with our inner reality. If something is not changing on the outside, you have to change it on the inside, above all let go of your old stories (judgements, assumptions, expectations, lamentations). A new choice easily supersedes an old story, just by intention. And how you clear the path and process (implement) your choice is in your hands. An outside mentor can certainly help you to become free, more awake and alive.

Remember, to heal yourself is a great contribution to humanity, the planet and it extends across the entire universe – you become a hub, receiver and transmitter, for higher consciousness, frequencies of light and information.

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