Manifesting Health

My meditation session early this morning turned into a spontaneous Q&A. A simple question popped up: How is it possible to manifest perfect (physical) health? The answer was also simple. Simple, but usually not so easy to implement. Find below the transcript of the spontaneous audio recording. 

It is Saturday, early morning, and I sit in the garden, a few hundred metres away from Ganga.

And I ask Highest Supreme Consciousness: how is it possible to manifest perfect health?
If we are so powerful to the extend that our beingness can go beyond Earth and beyond the Solar System. If we are so infinite, why is it sometimes so difficult to manifest perfect health?

And the answer that is coming: “We need to be at total peace, within.

If there is in ourselves any residue of agitation, anger, resentment, impatience, irritability and resistance, then life forces and cosmic forces cannot stream completely through us.

And how can we attain a perfect equilibrium, and equanimity?

  • Meditation.
  • Release of emotional charge.
  • Forgiveness.
  • Connecting to your Higher Self, consciously, more and more.
  • Appreciate what is. Who is.
  • Appreciate who you are. And where you are. And what you’re doing. What is.

And it is your responsibility to get you to the realm of equilibrium and equanimity.
The peace and flow you feel are the keys and an indication for understanding your level of balance and poise.

There is no more to say at this point.”

Audio recording (6:20 mins):

Apologies for the weak audio quality of this spontaneous recording, I underestimated the morning breeze. You will hear also how busy birds, monkeys and neighbours were today – and how aggressive some car drivers were at only 6:00 am!

By the way, here a more idyllic recording of the powerful morning hours in Rishikesh – click!

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