Controlling the mind?

cloud blue skyThere’s a seemingly ineradicable myth with regards to our relationship with the mind – reinforced by obvious misunderstandings in some yoga and meditation circles. Many believe that they should be able to control their mind. That if they just worked hard enough on themselves, the mind could be brought under control, and therewith their happiness would be somewhat guaranteed. 

This is exactly what doesn’t work, and that is also not the aim of spiritual practice.

The more effective approach is: allow your mind to present whatever it wants, don’t try to control it, but instead control how you deal with its input! Because whether you react to your thoughts in an emotional, impulsive, victimrole-like manner oder in a calm and conscious way, is solely up to you, the use of your free will and your choice.

Thoughts and emotions come and go.
They are like clouds.
You are the sky.


Our mind is a useful tool, not our enemy. However, it is also a kind of psychic sponge that absorbs unfiltered lots of data from our ancestral and collective fields. Oftentimes nonsense which we blindly accept as ours and don’t even question.

Whatever thoughts your mind presents to you – mostly indeed judgements, doubts, fears, desires, memories, assumptions or comments – let them be and let them go – just observe. Don’t attach yourself or put any energy into them and create a whole story. Let go and choose a loving, light, constructive and creative inner alignment.

You can’t control your mind, but you can control how you handle its impulses – its moods, quirks and caprices.

And be assured that when you continue to clear your system across all levels of your beingness (on conscious and subconscious levels through sadhana and energy practice), your “mind productions” will naturally become purer and more potent in terms of serving your highest good.

That’s it for today. Namasté.

blue sky

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