Earth Status

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Below you find insights on the current status on Earth. Note: The data that streams through my readings shows the most relevant/demonstrative points in relation to the question. They present what is needed, not necessarily what is expected.

Highest Supreme Consciousness, show me, what’s the situation on Earth? What’s the status and outlook on Earth in current times? Please guide me in the healing for our highest good. May we be divinely protected now, today and always. (…)
My attention gets guided towards my eyes. And I feel an enormous pressure behind my eyes inside my head. Too much on Earth, right now, is focused on looking. Not seeing. Looking. And the looking distracts from the feeling. Looking distracts from tasting. And the looking distracts from hearing. Sometimes you hear the expression: people are blind / people can’t see. Closer to the truth is: people don’t feel. Im getting reminded of my experience during the exhibition ‘Dialogo Nel Buio’ (Dialogue In The Dark) in Milan some years ago, where visitors where guided through darkness by blind guides. We entered different spaces and environments in total darkness and had to rely on our sense of feeling, hearing, touching. And at the end of this visit all the guests were invited to sit down, have a drink and some snacks. And it was amazing to realise how the intensity of the flavours was maximised by the fact that there was no distraction from seeing. Without seeing, being in the dark – visually in the dark – all the other senses get sharpened. Activated, sharpened and strengthened. The sense of tasting, hearing, smelling and feeling. And also the sixths sense. All awareness and consciousness, intuition. Being without eyes, it’s almost like being automatically thrown into the present, into the now. What we were eating was, to me at least, all far too salty, far too intense, far too sweet.
So what does that mean with regards to life on Earth? Because there is so much visual input in our lives, there seems to be a requirement for intense flavours (meant is input) so that the other sense perceptions (apart from seeing) can be felt. Life on Earth is mainly focused on sense gratification. And if you don’t give your senses a break, let them relax regularly, the stimulation needs to be increased and intensified in order to achieve some sort of sensation gratification. The key words that are coming up are: numbing and over stimulation. And over stimulation is being compared to burning the fuses. Burning antennae, its like a burn out, burnout of perception, which then leads to the numbing. That’s happening on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. People need more and more extremes in order to feel themselves. To feel anything. To feel alive. And then there is this whole cycle of actions, tendencies, habits, continues. And keeps on spiralling. And it either spirals down, spirals into more tamas and rajas. Or spirals up towards sattva. But most people are spiralling rajastically and tamasically. Spiralling down. And I see now the spirals of each person morphing into corkscrews. And those corkscrews are spiralling into mother Earth. And rajas as well as tamas in people are creating holes. And some of the corkscrews are pulling out corks now. Corks from Earth. It symbolises the violent extractions of resources from Earth. So rajas and tamas are not serving Earth. On the contrary, they make people extract and exploit Earth. And from the core of Earth I can feel anger and sadness. I can see lava boiling. Given all the holes in mother Earth created by the corkscrews of the people, the way for Earth to release the explosive heat is through those holes, with the holes that were drilled by the corkscrews or the holes that were created by unplugging the corks. And because people have exploited Earth allover the place, the release of the boiling lava can be expected everywhere. And all the holes, symbolically, are creating a change of dynamics with regards to universal forces. The new dynamics, pressure fields, winds, pulling energies, it’s all changing, has changed already.

So what is to be expected in the coming weeks and months?
It can be felt that there are many people already, who are putting balm, soothing balm on the wounds of Earth. I see like baby powder being spread, and it’s all feeling really soothing and calming. And although the amount of people who are giving this soothing balm onto Earth through their awareness and their heartfelt affection for Earth, is smaller than the group that is drilling Earth, their power is infinitely stronger. Because LOVE is stronger. And travels faster, and spreads more easily than rajas and tamas of the people who are exploiting Earth.

I ask what is the ratio between people living in the light, awakened and the people living in the dark, ignorant. The light of the awakened people is so strong, that I can’t see or feel the amount with relation to the dark field energy people. Something between 20% to 25% of people who are awakened. More are needed.
Any insights on potential shift in the coming weeks? I’m getting streams of frequencies, different beams, different pathways, different types of frequency particles and streams. Currently my body is taking showers of these frequencies, is just breathing in these energies.
(No more information was given and the session ended. Those frequencies felt good to me, familiar.)

Original audio recording (38 mins):

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Any information related to future happenings that are given during a reading or transmission are only a possibility, based on the circumstances at the point when the reading takes place and if circumstances don’t change. In spirituality all is pretty fluid, that’s also one of the reasons why I don’t get to do predictions.

2 thoughts on “Earth Status

  1. Jay Kyle Petersen

    Thank you for these Earth posts and all your posts I feel a peaceful calmness also the colonization post about three weeks ago was very helpful. I look forward to continued posts and good luck to you all the way over there in Tibet, I had a past life there once as a monk. I work overnights in a clinical outpatient substance abuse treatment center for those addicted to drugs, alcohol and have mental illnesses, I am clean and sober now over 36 years and in good shape. So enjoy reading your posts at early morning when things are calm and quiet here. Getting ready to plant my fall garden soon. Love my backyard I rent with birds, butterflies and little friendly bees! Their buzz is cool! God bless you. JAY Petersen Here is my art website for energy channeled paintings with God, for you to enjoy!



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