Divine Sweets for Earth!

In addition to my previous post about the current status on Earth, I did another Akasha reading. And this one is all about unconditional love. Unconditional love brings balance, recovery, soothes conflict, chaos and uncertainty. How to hold the space of unconditional love? Read on.

Existence is per se benevolent and supreme consciousness is always present. You can deny it, talk yourself out of it and resist it, but you cannot avoid it. Flow with it.

1.) Right now you can listen to the below recording (or read the transcript) in a meditative state. Consciously join the distribution of the “Divine Sweets for Earth” which covers 10 powerful minutes within the below audio. I hope you enjoy the transmission. Read on or just click start on the original audio link below.

2.) Every day: Live in 10 seconds increments. Relax, breathe, feel and acknowledge what is in the now; be present, be aware, consciously drop fear, drop old concepts and stories; breathe, focus on what you have in the moment to appreciate, feel gratitude, breathe; observe without judgements, expectations or assumptions; align with the guidance of your higher self; have compassion for your self; expand your radius of love through conscious thoughts, words and deeds. 


Transcript of audio recording:

Highest Supreme Consciousness (HSC), please allow me more information on the frequencies that I’ve experienced towards the end of the last reading about Earth and its status. What is it about those vibrations and energies that are streaming through the cosmos, onto Earth? 

What keeps coming up is Unconditional Love. It’s nothing else than Unconditional Love. Which is melting the most demonstrative issues in people, which helps purging the most demonstrative blockages and limitations in society. And eventually which helps balancing and harmonising systems. All sorts of systems. To align (them) with their highest potential. On a deeper level these frequencies work on peoples’ nervous system, gland system, energy system. As was said before, on all systems. External systems, internal systems, gross systems and subtle systems.

And I get the picture of washing gold. It takes some time and patience to wash out the gold nuggets from the gravel, from the sand. And the same, with the actual gold production, the alchemical process. It takes some effort and patience to get those golden results.

A lot on Earth is misaligned, in mis-alignment. And if people don’t align themselves out of their own free will and intention, there comes a time, when external pushes are needed to help them to wake up, and release. There is an urgent requirement for re-alignment on Earth. Depending on people’s programming, conditioning, level of purity in consciousness and thinking, whatever is most pressing will be positioned in the field of awareness to be looked at, to be cleared. To learn from. Heal it and replace it, with a higher vibrating alternative.

No matter how spiritually evolved you believe to be, there is always another step to climb. Another level to move up to, so to speak. To an even finer vibration. And more subtle energy.

I would like to ask the HSC, if we look at the people on Earth right now, is there a common issue that is pressing to be cleared? Could we look at the most demonstrative blockage or misconception? And maybe do a top level clearing? And I ask all true masters, angels, gods, light beings to support this process of this, let’s call it, first level, first layer clearing for the whole of humanity on Earth. I ask for protection, support and guidance in this process, in the healing for our highest good.

What keeps coming up is ego, egoic structures And what is the ego? False identification with aspects that are not the true self or soul. A sense of entitlement. Feeling entitled to get something, to be able to do something. Linked to expectations, and demands, and closely linked to complaining, if things or people don’t behave or present themselves according to an individual’s expectation or concept and demand.

HSC, please guide me and show me what else needs to be known. And if we can do a general clearing, of the strongest common denominator in terms of blockages in the human beings on Earth right now.

It was said it was the ego, the ego structure. In the sense of entitlement. And people are feeling entitled to have something or to get something in life. I just asked if there’s a deeper level to it. Basically it leads back to greed. And greed leads back to fear, of not having enough, getting enough, being enough. Fear of not being good enough.

And looking onto Earth right now, I checked how this fear can be felt from the outside. Looking at planet Earth and checking fear, I see lots of spikes reaching out from Earth, its like thorns spiking up allover the planet. Its like a spiky surface of thorns that are reaching up like mountains. And its like spiky energy waves, very spiky and very sharp.

So the frequency of fear gets symbolised as a very spiky, thorny, sharp frequency line. Can it be calmed down? Anything to make it smoother? Anything we can do?

There is a general neediness, a general need for true love, and acknowledgement. A non-material nourishment of the soul is needed. There is a lack of it.

So there is this general neediness, and because of misunderstandings most people try to fill their needs, numb their neediness, with external things. So in order to raise the general awareness there needs to be an increased sense of peace and calm. Peace and calm are felt when there is a sense of being loved, being able to trust.

(22:00) By intention, and with the help of the universal forces, we can drop now on planet Earth seeds filled with the essence of unconditional love. And peace.

I see a huge group of angels transporting big baskets full of sparkling sweets. Like toffees wrapped in scintillating sparkling wrappers. And another team of angels is now emptying those basket onto Earth. I see lots and lots of scintillating sparkling sweets falling onto Earth, like confetti.

And the cosmic forces make sure everyone on Earth – the baby in the womb of the mother to the elderly on the verge of leaving the body – everybody gets a sweet, and the higher self of all those human beings allows the sweet to merge the system, and be absorbed and unfold.

Now the toffee with the core or essence of unconditional love and peace gets dissolved in everybody’s system, and is spreading across all layers of existence. From the physical body and cellular memory up to the most subtle levels, across all Koshas.

And by joined effort, a huge blessing has been set in motion. A blessing for all the people on Earth. A blessing conveying Unconditional Love and Peace, and with that: Equanimity. Especially on the emotional layer, to calm down potential explosiveness. Ja, this blessing went straight into the emotional body layers, to calm down the individual most demonstrative emotional charge, which could potentially lead to emotional outbursts, reactivity and destructive behaviour.

So with this little intervention of throwing divine sweets of unconditional love and peace into the human beings on Earth, we support the cosmic process of transformation, and shifting.

And may brilliant white, golden and purple light stream through planet Earth and its inhabitants. Stream through and surround each and every being, now.

May love Peace, Love and Purity prevail.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti OM

Original Audio recording “Divine Sweets for Earth” (33:44 mins)
(ideally use headphones when listening):

Listen to the whole audio and pay extra attention to the distribution of the “Divine Sweets for Earth” which covers 10 powerful minutes: You can also start the audio at 22:00 mins and keep your loving intention for just those 11 minutes until 33:44 mins (the end of the recording). You will have made a strong and delightful contribution to Love and Peace on Earth! Just sit comfortably, with your spine erect and eyes closed. Breathe calmly and allow your heartfelt love to support the team upstairs in distributing the sweets onto Earth. Remember: allow yourself as well to receive and integrate that toffee!


Take in only what resonates with you personally.
Trust your own heartspirit guidance. 

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