Alcohol affects your Aura

People who are drinking alcohol can get into inspiring yet also vulnerable states – emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually. How come? Here an overview of the effects of alcohol on the physical and subtle human body. The influence on metaphysical level is usually the least discussed facet of alcohol consumption… CONTINUE READING:

Alcohol affects your Aura

To receive the full text, please go ahead with the Paypal payment. Make sure you communicate your email address. You’ll get a 7-pages pdf. CONTENT: • Introduction; • Alcohol & Body Chemistry; • Alcohol & Body Performance; • Alcohol & Body Field; • Alcohol & its Producer; • Compulsive Alcohol Consumption & Recovery; • My view;


2 thoughts on “Alcohol affects your Aura

  1. Bill W

    You mentioned that this can be cleared. In your experience, what work needs to be done for someone who has stopped drinking alcoholicly and planning on not drinking again?
    Thank you.


    1. Marina Post author

      Dear Bill, it depends on the individual and can vary from case to case. Generally speaking, the most important work would be continuous spiritual housekeeping including self-healing and a self-awareness practice:
      1.) On the physical level: detox the body, unclutter the home, complete pending work. Do bodywork, spend time in nature, eat fresh, organic, sattvic food to increase physical vitality and inner balance.
      2.) On the mental and emotional level: Shed light into your negative beliefs / fears and heal conflicts, emotional wounds and unresolved childhood trauma. Practice uncompromising self-love, be gentle and patient with yourself.
      3.) On the energetic and spiritual level: Establish a daily meditation and pranayama practice. And find a trustworthy practitioner for a comprehensive system clearing (higher state of consciousness required here!).
      Working with a mentor in bi-weekly or monthly support sessions can be very helpful, motivating and inspiring.
      Warm regards, Marina



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