Mystic Tool : The Trident

trishul mountain range
This information streamed through me upon asking Highest Supreme Consciousness about the power of the trident, also called Trishul. 
Promemoria: The trident is said to be the weapon of Poseidon (or Neptune) the god of the sea in classical mythology. In Hindu mythology it is the sacred weapon of Shiva (but also Durga), known as trishula (Sanskrit for triple-spear). In Greek, Roman and Hindu mythology, the trident is said to have the power of control over the ocean.


So this information got revealed to me in a state of higher consciousness:

Take it in your hands and look at the three prongs.
I do.
And then I’m invited to go onto one of the three prongs, and go inside into each of the peaks.
I do. 

I go inside the FIRST PRONG and enter a tunnel. And I reach golden space, full of liquid light, lava like, golden liquid light. What do I need to know? Ok, this is the power of creation. Every drop can create something. Every drop of this golden liquid light has the power to create something. Something beautiful. Beautiful, balanced, harmonious creations. There is a huge supply of this creative power. It’s carrying huge potencies, it’s very powerful. Powerful but calm. Beautiful combination. And where is it coming from? Answer: directly from source, from the core of existence. It’s linked to OM. It’s like the drop of the OM symbol. Each drop is the power of creation, has the power to create.

Ok, and what’s in the SECOND PEAK of the trishul? I go into the second, the middle trishul peak. I go into a tunnel, it’s very dark in that tunnel, kind of nightblue colour and I see stars sparkling in that nightblue. It seems linked to emptiness, available, fresh space. Space that’s always there, and always will be there. It’s infinite. And it’s sparkling, yet it’s infinite and  it’s emptiness. What else do I need to know about this middle trisul peak? It can pull things out. That’s the power that can clear and clean. Ja, in a way also destroy

Thank you. And the THIRD PRONGI go out of the middle one and go on the tip of the third trishul peak. Go inside the third peak. Moving through a tunnel. Get a sense of nature, birds chirping, flowers, earth. And I see the cycles, the seasons, being reborn again and again, growing, each year growing. It’s a spiral movement. Even if a tree is loosing leaves, the next season the leaves are growing again, and in the meantime the tree is growing bigger. Even though there is a cycle, with each cycle it is bigger and stronger. And so each life, each year, each cycle, even if we think things repeat themselves, we grow stronger. We continue on an evolutionary spiral. It‘s like sustaining and evolving. And it’s balance. I see butterflies and flower petals. It‘s all alive, it’s beautiful peaceful living. I see the sun, fields, meadows, very beautiful. Streams of fresh water, mountains, the sea. I think I understand. Thank you.

The first prong is connected to creation.
The second is connected to emptying and clearing space. It’s about royal space.
The third prong is connected to evolution and balance.

So what can I do with the trisul? How do I use it? 
The middle one is the space that is pulling things out and clearing things, the left one is creation and the right one sustaining. I can clear, create and sustain with the trishul. And I might use individual peaks to create a specific effect.

And how do I move it? In a circular motion. 

Ok, so if somebody has hurt themselves physically, like a cut for example, can I use the trisul for that too? Yes, it’s like waving the trisul around in circular motion and pulling out what is in and around that wound, from the physical to the astral.

How else can I use the trisul? To reduce the darkness in people on this earth. I can use it to scan and comb people’s aura. I can use it to comb the auric field around people. And I can also hold the trisul and hold it onto a country and then there will be ripples going from the trisul throughout the country, place or region.

I go now to the axis point where all three arms meet and I move along that long handle. Where is it going back to? It‘s like a white golden tunnel of light, very pure, leading to crystalline transparent light. Super fast light. Diamondlike, but more liquid. Where is that leading to? I follow the light beam that goes out of the trishul handle. I’m infused by that white crystalline energy frequency, and I’m flying right within that beam, in the core of that beam, like a rocket. My hands are moving forward, my legs are stretched and with the length of my body I’m flying in parallel with that crystalline light beam. Where are we going? Where is the origin? What do I need to know? I see a sun and that sun is pulling me and at the same time becoming smaller. I see a smaller version of the sun. It’s is very dense, very intense. Like a drop. And from that drop that sun exploded, out of that drop. And now I see the sun again, I see the sun beaming out but then concentrating and the beam is getting more sharp and focused, more laserlike. It’s like a cone shape from the sun to the trishul handle. A beam, very strong, sharp and pointed. It’s about integrity, focus and purity. Incorruptibility. To wield the powers of the trishul well.

Session ends.


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