Primal Pain of the Soul


What happens at the point of creation of a new soul, when a soul is expelled from Spreme Source? Does every soul experience pain of separation? 

…all diversities of soul, world and creator are the undifferentiated Brahman-Self only. – Ribhu Gita, Ch 21, v 39

As the rose petal is part of the rose‘s consciousness, and has an awareness of where it belongs when ripped out of the flower, the soul is a drop of consciousness from supreme source and knows upon expulsion into the universe where it comes from and where it belongs. So it can be painful for the soul, when this separation from its origin happens. Though yearning to return to it, the soul surrenders to source will and faces its crystallisation into denser spheres.

Whenever the expulsion of a soul spark from its birthplace happens, the soul experiences a change of dimension and densification. Every creation that comes out is infused by, but cannot BE highest supreme consciousness. This gap – going from pure source consciousness to a denser, crystalised consciousness – can cause pain. A soul can sense it upon being birthed and pushed out of the kingdom of eternal consciousness and self-generated, benevolent, unconditional love. The agony of separation from its place of origin I call Ur-Schmerz (German expression for: primal pain).

I don‘t know if all souls experience pain upon their expulsion from source. Maybe not, or perhaps some become aware of it, while others aren‘t. 

It seems I had a traumatic soul birth which left imprints in my system and influenced a series of experiences in different lifetimes that followed. I actually wasn‘t aware of its power until I came across an actual impression in my system myself. And if it is possible that the separation from supreme source can be a trauma and leave imprints within the structure of a soul, I can imagine that many people carry this shock, unresolved and as a fragmentation in themselves.

How can we handle and heal this first pain of separation, this Ur-Schmerz? Current therapy methods don‘t even consider the soul, let alone potential issues that can arise from the creation and birthing process of a soul.  

I wondered whether this pain of separation has a purpose. I have learned, through my own inner process work as well as through sessions with clients, that pain (as well as true love) is a very efficient accelerator for growth and learning. And I have seen that this initial experience can set the tone for a soul‘s entire journey: the desire to return and self-realise.

The eternal pure essence of the supreme always remains in a soul. A divine light core is there all the time – with money, with debt, with illness, with health, with happiness, with grief – timeless, ageless, genderless. Soul consciousness is basically divine consciousness, but humans tend to focus on the rational mind and body consciousness only and have usually forgotten that they are divine sparks and children of god. People‘s awareness is tainted and they confuse themselves with what they identify with: the different stories, believe – and behaviour patterns, emotions, possessions and attachments. 

An ignorant individual who is oblivious to its spiritual nature and divine origin (also unconscious of its pain of separation from source) – tries to answer its inherent longing for union and fulfilment rather by numbing it through consumerism, entertainment and all sorts of other external distractions perceivable through the five senses. But the external ways only lead further and further away. 

Awakened individuals strive for returning back to where they belong, by self-enquiry, by purifying their body system and establishing optimal communication lines to their higher self and source: states of pure consciousness and sharpened antennae for refined intuition and higher self data reception. 

Salutations to Sat-Chit-Ananda-Siva-Self!
Salutations to that Peace undisturbed, the Self!
Salutations to that integral Perfection, the Self!
Salutations to that Effulgent-Awareness, the Self!
Salutations to that blemish-free Self without attributes!
Salutations to that indivisible Unity, the Self!
Salutations to that pure sky of consciousness, the Self!
Salutations to that supreme integral Existence, the Self!
– Ribhu Gita, Ch.44, v.51

dissolving into the Absolute

Not searching, but dissolving and returning to the invisible omnipresent Supreme.


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