The Downside of Religions


The trouble began with the establishment of religions in the form of systematically organised, politicised and instrumentalised institutions.

We used to have various indigenous, shamanic and pagan cultures. And those traditions have had their focus on self-cultivation, respect for Earth and for the universal benevolent lifeforce that is larger than ourselves (God/ Divine Supreme). Just like Sanatana Dharma does (= eternal lifestyle principles of Hindu origin/Yoga). 

In contrast, mainstream religions do not encourage people to be self-empowered, to feel and think for themselves. Religions tend to focus on faith, hope and wait for salvation, using the concepts of judgement, sin, guilt and punishment as main tools to manipulate people. Installing fear (of the “all-knowing and judging godfather” and “eternal hell”) to make them obedient. Plus: Reincarnation (karma) is denied by all the monotheistic religions of the world. Self-responsibility, bye bye.

This way, humans get cut off from their own intelligence and inherent divine navigation system (intuition, inner knowing, discernment), their pure lifeforce (vitality, sexuality, creativity) and self-healing powers, their connection to the cosmos and nature’s cycles. 

What remains of human life? Blind submission to conventions, slavery to mainstream lifestyle models as well as an eternal restlessness and search for meaning in life, resulting in debauchery and addictions (to control, power, status, possessions, substances, sex) as substitute for true inner fulfillment. The exclusion of intuitive, feminine powers and imagination in our patriarchal societies has lead to intellectualisation, dullness, dogmas, misogyny and heteronomy. Analytical sharpness is admired while feelings are suppressed. This results not only in a blocked solar plexus but also a malnourished heart. People remain needy and searching (outside themselves). Hoping to get rescued, just in line with what the church (for example) has been indoctrinating.

What religions should foster is actually not part of their schedule, has even been dismissed as esoteric nonsense: communion with one’s higher self, soul, spirit and source. What makes human life on Earth beautiful and worthwhile is blocked: knowing one’s true self, synergy with nature, self-healing powers, higher sense perception and telepathic communication, harmony, cooperative relationships, feeling safe, exuberant self-expression, unconditional love, being in the flow and surrendering to divine guidance. Instead we can observe denied emotions and soul fragmentation, control issues, fear mongering, limiting beliefs and identifications, regression and dis-ease – and a lack of orientation, not least due to increasing dissonance with what mainstream religions have to offer (or also demanding, e.g. obligatory church tax). 

Luckily, we have all been equipped with a free will, to allow us to make new choices and to self-responsibly decide to walk the path of awakening, awareness, reconciliation and completion, drama-immunity and incorruptibility – in short: integrity.

What we can do NOW:

 Co-create kindness: Facilitate and maintain respectful, friendly and loving relations with oneself, nature and all beings. Live oneness and respect the golden rule: Treat others how you want to be treated.

♥ Change focus: Move from searching for answers and guidance outside yourself to searching (and finding) wisdom within yourself. Feel and observe what is going on inside of you. Take heed of your intuition.

Cultivate awarenessDedication to increasing self-awareness and higher sense perception, discernment and a balanced lifestyle. Moving from impulsive reacting to conscious responding.

Contribute value: Pay attention to what happens around you and support what resonates with your heart. Allow awakening information and holistic high purpose perspectives to be spread.

“Knowing God” comes from one’s consciousness, own life experience and inner realisation. Once the divine has been experienced, then all believing and ‘having opinions’ stop, and is replaced by inner knowing. No outer religions are needed for this.


The divine is within our reach, directly in us. God is even closer to us than our breath:. Pure consciousness comes before breathing (evident when our breath is suspended in meditation/higher states of consciousness, and we nevertheless continue to ‘be’)


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