Crop Circle Mammendorf

Kornkreis Cropcircle mammendorf foto by mwk

Yesterday I went to Mammendorf, a farm village outside Munich (South Germany) to have a look at the crop circle which appeared in the night from Sunday to Monday. It is a beautiful, symmetrical composition with a diameter of about 180m. 

Straight away this mandala-like shape reminded me of the buddhist doublevajra / viśvavajra*:

Vishvavajra photo

Not interested in the controversy about crop circles, I just wanted to check and experience the whole thing myself, instead of listening to secondary or tertiary sources. It was the first time that I got to see the result of an ingenious (and still unexplainable) power and its exquisite “wheat-folding and layout technique”. And visiting this fascinating creation was absolutely worthwhile.

To me it was not just a field with clear, harmonious aesthetics, but also a sphere that transmitted an enormous amount of joy. At the same time I felt profound peace. Anything else? Well, my sense of elation and presence can well be an indication for some high frequency data connected to the crop circle.

Very interesting also the way it was designed: by folding, rotating and swirling the wheat.




Each part of the drawing has its own swirl. It is unclear though whether these formations begin with a vortex, or end in a vortex…


im Kornkreis Mammendorf Zentrum

No matter who installed this crop circle, it’s a refreshing counterbalance to all the bad news of recent days and weeks. Not inappropriate the symbolism of the doublevajra:

*The Doublevajra or Vishvavajra consists of two crossed Vajras and is the symbol of the Absolute. In Tibetan Buddhism the Vishvavajra represents the principle of absolute stability and resolution of dualities. It is also the symbol of Amogasiddhi, who is the fifth of the Dhayani Buddhas (Meditation Buddhas). He represents the perfection of wisdom and embodies willpower, fearlessness, protection from all directions and pacification of evil.


Kornkreis Mammendorf 1

First photo: © Sebastian Blum
All other photos: © Marina

2 Replies to “Crop Circle Mammendorf”

  1. Beautiful, I would like to visit but how long does some corn circles remains? Be in Munich later sept or early October…hope can feel that divinity…

    1. Dear Claudia, I just heard that the wheat / crop circle was cut Thursday.

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