After a Consciousness Shift

1Have you processed a lot recently and made a big consciousness shift very fast? Discomfort does not have to be, but can be, a part of your journey. Do you feel lost and empty now? Do you have a lack of orientation while your subtle bodies and physical body are aligning and assimilating the shift? You might sense that the old is not resonating anymore, but the new is not in sight yet. People, places and circumstances might phase out or explode out of your life. What you once appreciated (e.g. certain teachings, traditions, books, media, food, clothes, people and places), is rather off putting now. This can be disturbing and unsettling, no doubt. But be assured, you are not alone with this phenomenon.

Possible symptoms after energetic purging and stepping up in frequency:

  1. Sense of emptiness.
  2. No words available to describe inner state of beingness, in fact feeling too tired to even search for the right expressions in the mind.
  3. Feeling as if ‘ordered but not picked up’.
  4. Difficulty and / or inability to stay focused on reading long texts (books, blogs etc). Lack of interested in reading too.
  5. Difficulty and / or inability to stay focused on listening to people who speak mainly from their head, and not their heart (in everyday life, on youtube, tv debates etc.)
  6. A sense of being located in the wrong timeline.
  7. No resonance with food. Too tired to do food shopping, cooking, cleaning. Above all too tired to check within what the body might like. Hence tendency to skip eating altogether.
  8. No resonance with the clothes in the wardrobe. Nothing seems to fit and match your beingness.
  9. Even though your ability to hold space of equanimity and compassionate witnessing is rising, you might get the disconcerting feeling of being somewhat under-utilised in your life.
  10. The suspicion that being and breathing might be your only purpose for now is sneaking in and provides some relief, because it is currently the only possible and comfortable state of living anyway. Everything else would be a blind activity, ineffective and futile.

TOP 5 remedies for relief:

  1. Taking small steps instead of expecting the circumstances to provide the setting for a big leap. Do only what is really necessary and deal with what is presenting itself right in front of you.
  2. Journalling / writing
  3. Speaking / emailing with like minded people and awakened friends
  4. Listen to the small uplifting impulses within yourself and let those inspirations guide you in moving forward
  5. Share your experiences and learnings with others – make your consciousness insights grounded in the Earth plane (the amount of people you reach is irrelevant).

Another very helpful thing you may consider – and it is really a good exercise to practice ‘feeling and grounding’: unclutter your home and environment. Go through all your rooms, drawers, boxes, cupboards, shelves and wardrobes. Throw away what feels obsolete (books, magazines, paper clipping, clothes, knick-knacks etc) and what is expired (food, spices, cosmetic products, fused light bulbs). Give away what others might still appreciate (to a charity or simply leave a box in front of your house titled ‘for free’). Scan all rooms and spaces (home, garden, office, car etc). Clean what is dusty and fix what is broken (e.g. furniture) and also check your desk: finish all unfinished paper work. Clearing and completing all this is super revitalising as bound energy gets freed up and starts flowing again. It creates fresh space for new, better (more suitable) things and people to enter your life.

The good news:

All of the above can be the crucial step before you – finally! – really turn inwards and listen to your own self. You finally stop listening to what other people say about life or existence, and instead begin to be and to work with your own infinite beingness, your unique soul signature, skills, self-healing capacities and the wisdom you generate within.

“There is a miracle in every new beginning.” Hermann Hesse


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