King of Darkness & Goddess of Light

light infusion

In autumn 2017 I witnessed how the King of Darkness begged to be taken to Supreme Source. He was fighting with the Goddess of Light. Reason being, that he wanted to marry her to facilitate his salvation and merger with the Supreme Light.
He cried out in desperation and explained his exhaustion from all the dark work he did for such a long time. He believed that the Goddess was his only bridge to liberation. So he insisted on tying the knot with her. In fact he had been following her and fighting with her over lifetimes.
The Goddess of Light had no interest in marrying him. Understandably. She was weary of all his interferences and sabotage attempts.

Hearing the King‘s heartfelt desire to leave his role, the luminous Goddess could not help but open her heart though. She forgave him and activated her special contacts with Supreme Light. Together with the Absolute she created a massive light passageway for the King of Darkness, so he could be lifted up and move on. The dissolution happened instantly, calmly and dignified. Across all times, spaces and dimensions.
The Goddess of Light sensed a sigh of relief from beings across the entire Universe. Lo and behold, a new era without the King of Darkness has begun! Everyone knew that from now on, Supreme Light had a clear, undisturbed path onto Earth and its inhabitants.

Divine right order can be restored. Even though a lot of work is needed to clear up the mess which the dark left behind, we have good reasons to be optimistic. With joined forces and clear intentions we will establish harmony and joy on Earth. Here is to discernment, love, truth, purity and joy. 

2 thoughts on “King of Darkness & Goddess of Light

  1. niveditamalhotra

    This is indeed good news marina..!!!! Since then have you noticed a shift in the play between light and darkness? Also what prompted the king of darkness to give up and go back to our source?


    1. Marina Post author

      Dear Nivedita, yes I noticed a shift. It is easier to anchor divine light on Earth and in its inhabitants. Fear structures, dark energy imprints and limiting thoughtforms are melting allover the planet. Therewith it is easier to commit to yourself, your truth (as long it is aligned with divine order). What is your perception?
      The King of Darkness wanted to go back to Source as he was weary and tired from all his dark work. He seemed to have understood that liberation was not possible by continuing this way.



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