Our multidimensional Anatomy 1/2

This is a diagram of mine which illustrates the qualities of the human mind. It is a simplified working model indicating the different levels of consciousness.

qualities of the human mind 201711

Some time ago, during meditation, I was shown this structure: 


Here, we get information about the ratio and volume of the Higher Self (Supraconscious Mind) and Subconscious Mind. The Higher Self is more encompassing. And the Subconscious is contained in or rather ’embraced’ by the Higher Self.

We also see how Highest Supreme Consciousness (Source Light) is influencing and ‘pulling’ an individual while, at the same time, Source is connected to a lightcore within us, which beams outwards and ‘expands’. This light essence exists in the centre (heart) of a being during their incarnation.

The human body system is furthermore surrounded by certain inhibitory mechanisms which include the rational / critical mind and the Trigunas. The lesser Tamas (lethargy, chaos, destruction, darkness) and Rajas (projection, activity, restlessness, passion) dominate, and the more Sattva (purity, harmony, benevolence, light) is present, the clearer is an individual’s perception of his/her Higher Self notions.

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