Beyond Love’nLight Fluff

turquoise golden light

It seems that contemporary teachers, esoteric views and new age circles can keep people hooked on what feels pleasant and this often includes avoidance of uncomfortable, dark topics and discouragement from critical thinking as ‚we are all one‘ and ‚larger than our stories‘. And when humans are not given context for spiritual healing, their multidimensional anatomy and invisible realities of consciousness, it is difficult for most people to differentiate between darkness and light, deceit and truth. 

Energy flows where attention goes and ‚love & light‘ are surely optimal energies to focus on. At the same time, denying that dark energies exist is naive. And naivety and denial are counterproductive as they create blind spots. Waking up to love, light and oneness is one thing. Waking up to truth, DISCERNMENT and equanimity is another.

Dark consciousness phenomena exist and it is important to be aware of and know something about them. Especially budding lightworkers and those who just started on the spiritual path can get stuck in a field of supersweet light fog, when they are not ready to hear about the full spectrum of subtle energies and not willing to look at anything they perceive as ‚negative‘. Equally, the seemingly ‘more advanced’ yoga teachers and swamis can get trapped as well – in a gurudom with its sticky net of flattery, fame and mesmerizing miracle powers. To consciously see and transform temptations and dark aspects – above all, own shadow aspects, fears and emotional wounds – is crucial for an inner stability to emerge and to unfold though, to draw in pure consciousness, true light and love. Only then you will be like a mountain or rock in the sea when you come across darkness. You do not judge and know how to behave. This is crystal clear awareness power: „I see you, but I‘m not scared.“ Then you can consciously communicate and create with light and untainted intentions.

When I speak of darkness, I mean invisible blockages, disturbances, interferences and manipulations that prevent an individual to perceive clearly, to progress and to embody their full potential and higher dimensional self. 

It can be interesting and exciting to explore the astral plane of existence (beyond our physical reality). Bliss and ecstatic feelings can be experienced and the more gullible individuals believe they have reached higher states of consciousness. You may pass these steps on your journey but staying too long may trap you and leave you stranded under a glass ceiling that caps your growth. You believe to make great progress because you feel wonderful, but in reality your whole system becomes unduly entangled. There exist energies that siphon your lifeforce and sabotage your self-realisation, and liberation. You might have already noticed when awakening people get stuck in astral bliss and glamour (quite often accompanied by a discreet smugness). Yet truth is seen with a sober mind and absence of emotional charge (excitement is a charge that can distract or blind).

Same goes for guru/disciple relationships, tantric practices, tarot cards, chants and channelings. These are just tools to help us to access the greater knowing within us – and once we have ignited it we no longer need these tools. They serve a good purpose up to a point but thereafter they can create limitations.

Also public spokespeople can be eloquent and captivating, saying valuable things and creating a whirlpool of emotions but energetically (unconsciously) undermine what they are officially promoting. Especially if it comes to women‘s rights and the divine feminine. Energy pinching can be quite perfidious.

That’s why a regular self-enquiry practice and silence retreats are so important – to feel and find ourselves, finetune our intuition, perception and inner knowing. This way, step by step and over time we get trained to know our own energy field and can sense the subtle happenings around us. I recommend to connect to supreme source light directly, without any intermediaries or external systems. Come back to your heart, spine and hara. Access your multidimensional self by going within and to rise beyond all that is false. Oftentimes though we first have to get burned in order to understand what heat means.

Love and Light, of course, yes. But discernment is needed too.

4 thoughts on “Beyond Love’nLight Fluff

    1. Marina Post author

      Jay Kyle, thank you! I found it hard to turn a blind eye to what is happening everywhere. And maybe one or the other reader gets encouraged to finetune their perception and trust their intuitive nudges.


  1. Sunil

    Thank you for this post, it’s a difficult subject and deals with a commonly held misconception. There is a lot of this in modern yoga too; in the form of wellness and relaxation hunting… so thank you for putting it out there that one does not need a system, that feelings of bliss are temporal and that our work is possible through courage.


    1. Marina Post author

      Thanks, Sunil. It is indeed a complex topic. I am delighted that you point out the aspect of courage. Willingness to confront and strength to persevere are key factors, yes.



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