Energy Practice: Q&A

Here is a collection of 10 questions and answers related to my work. This post summarises recent correspondences with some clients, and hopefully provides helpful information to therapists and those who are involved in awareness processes.

What is the main objective of the inner clearing work?

The goal is to awaken a consciousness that allows us to let go of what we are not (like limiting beliefs and imprints), and to retrieve what belongs to us (parts of ourselves that strengthen us). The work is about an inner reconciliation and pacification (completion) in order to embody our authentic life- and love-potency with full awareness. 

Has it happened that Readings for clients did not go so well? For example, something could not be solved because other things had to be done first?

It is noticeable if a client has never cleaned up his emotional and energetic inner world, be it through healing or sadhana. It is possible to get diverted from the initial objective that we had for session as something else needs to be looked at and transformed first. 
Readings always present what has priority from a spiritual perspective. Not every aspect is always shown in great detail though. Either because details are not relevant and do not serve the client’s highest good – the data would unnecessarily occupy the client’s mind – or because the time is not yet ripe.
Until now, there has only been one case that I have found rather unsatisfactory, simply because the Reading remained superficial. The client’s objective was a bit trivial and not really aimed at healing – she wanted to know who her spiritual guides were. I do not do any Readings for entertainment purposes or to predict anything. And the question about the spirit guides was on the edge, but I agreed to have a look.
My main concern is to assist people in connecting with their own inner guidance, without intermediaries, spirit guides or other aids. Anyway, I got the information the client was looking for, yet a somewhat unpleasant aftertaste remained for me. The session was also quite short as there was nothing to transform. At least I knew at that point, I would not  
‘activate my antennae’ anymore for others unless they had a wholehearted intention for healing and progress.

Are there any clients who experience a relapse into old patterns after a clearing?

Very rarely, but it can happen that someone experiences a new sense of well-being after the extensive Aura Clearing and Soul Retrieval for example, but then falls back into old thinking or behaviour patterns. So far, invariably everyone has experienced a palpable and profound improvement on the mental, emotional, physical, even spiritual level.
Such a shift which kicks off new neurological pathways and biochemical processes requires self-responsible ‘action’ also outside a therapy session. Silence, contemplation, self-enquiry, meditation, thought awareness and new conscious choices, and connecting with nature should be part of the process as well as a physical detox, a review of one’s daily food intake and the clearing of clutter in one’s home space.

Sometimes clients say they are ready for a change in their lives, but in reality, they are not. Twice I had clients who contacted me after they tried all sorts of therapies and modalities on specific problems. They wanted to check my work as they had experienced until then only short-term improvements, but never a profound, permanent change. But neither was I able to facilitate a permanent shift. These individuals had an unconscious resistance to change and progress, which needed to be looked at. But they were not ready to address this, hence nothing shifted fundamentally. 
We have to recognise, that every healing is self-healing and it is important to take responsibility for our own processes. It may also become obvious after a Clearing that something has to be changed on a worldly level in order for the individual to move on and feel better. However, somebody might not be ready for it, and therefore remains stuck in old structures and life patterns. Especially if it comes to changes in close relationships (partner or work), also courage is needed. Everything at its proper time.
In addition to the work done together with a mentor or healer, a regular meditation practice and your own process tool are needed to become more self-empowered, and anchored in equanimity. Equanimity leads to discernment and beneficial life choices. 

Are there any side effects?

I have not seen any harmful effects of the energy practice. A short-term emotional aggravation is possible (a first worsening, similar to homeopathy), but a healing crisis or abreaction is not uncommon. Working on emotional wounds can sometimes be painful since we are triggering exactly those feelings that were acute when the trauma was caused. The memories may not be pleasant, but they are important for the healing.
The whole process aims at removing energies that are stuck, bringing in energy and data that is missing, dissolving destructive imprints and re-integrating split off soul components. The purging can go deep and it is possible that the client feels exhausted afterwards, precisely because deep restructuring and awareness processes are set in motion. And with these shifts, also detoxification and change happen at cellular level. Signs that your body system releases stored muck: vivid dreams, flashbacks, temporary fatigue, cold sweat, flushes, diarrhea, mood swings, headaches, tears, flu-like symptoms. Normally, these reactions are short-lived, and afterwards you feel better and lighter than before.
Especially those who practice yoga or meditation regularly as well as therapists or individuals who have experience with holistic methods tend to integrate the transformation smoothly. Or, recover quickly from a short cathartic phase.
You have to feel it to heal it – the truth of this statement gets confirmed again and again. If old emotions surface, you acknowledge and observe them. Crying can help to flush out the stored energy, and this release can be done without melodrama, without anchoring in the emotional pain.
In case of emotional turmoil in everyday life, note that your emotions can also be someone else‘s data you picked up. And this brings me to another important point: your spouse / partner should ideally take care of his/her own inner clearing, just as you care for your inner space. Otherwise it can create a rather frustrating cycle: you keep cleaning the house and the other keeps coming in with muddy boots.

What are the typical results after a Reading & Clearing?

Usually old negative thought-loops are gone and the emotional reactivity caused by certain triggers has disappeared. Increased vitality and composure, refined perception and a better sense of own intuitive nudges.

I‘m reading books on shamanism that describe different healing methods used by shamans around the world, and I recognise much of what you‘ve described. For example, the existence and purification of the aura, the phenomenon of attachments, disembodied souls, etc. The methods that are described are very ritualistic and seem quite rigid though. I wonder if all this is really needed. Everything seems far too complicated to me. When I do the mental exercises as described there, I feel like I‘m detouring and get distracted from what is essential. In contrast, when I intuitively do self-hypnosis and ask questions similar to yours in our sessions, e.g. „What does it take?“, „Please show me the next best step“, then the appropriate help and answers emerge naturally. Does it really need rigid rituals, utensils, animal or spiritual guides and power locations etc? What is really needed to be protected and guided on spiritual level?

Clear intentions aligned with the Highest Supreme are enough. And for me, the Highest Supreme is an eternal, unlimited, all-encompassing, formless light consciousness. Nothing fixed, ultimate or static. But an eternally present, benevolent essence of the ever-expanding existence. The term Supreme Grace Light comes close, or in Sanskrit: Arut Perum Jyothi.
But: everything depends on how strongly a practitioner is anchored in pure light consciousness. Where the base camp of his consciousness is. And above all, what he experienced himself. If someone has just studied energy healing but has not pursued any spiritual practice and has not experienced any state of samadhi, then he can basically only guess or believe, but not really know, how benevolent, nurturing, loving, solution-oriented, creative and life-enhancing our cosmic existence-power is. Can only cite secondhand sources etc. And then it may be needed to perform all the preparatory measures to establish a ‘divine vortex’ for the moment and to use healing aids in the session. Example: I have learned almost all levels of Pranic Healing and practiced this technique for a while, but always found its protocol limiting (to me it was strange to shake off dark energies into a bowl of salt water). Other therapists have not thought about it and have been practicing it for years. But my path and experience is different.
When I pronounce a declaration and a clear intent at the beginning of a session, it is sufficient. It is an alignment and a reassurance for the client, but also for me, because then I know, we are both on the same track.
Many teachers have stopped their inner work too early in the belief that they have arrived somewhere. But we never arrive anywhere. The journey goes on. We unfold ourselves further, wider and deeper into a more comprehensive consciousness space. 
Our internal housekeeping supports the refinement of our perception and strengthens our discrimination and inner knowing.
I‘m sure that with time you will be able to instantly sense half-baked practitioners / authors, and swiftly decide if you want to learn something from them (even if it‘s only how not to do it) or want to keep looking around until you click with what shows up.
In any case, as much as you search on the outside, at some point you will have to turn and look within in order to progress.

After the soul retrieval you said that there was no more fragmentation visible in the field. But I think that does not mean that there is nothing more to discover, because in the consciousness evolution, it goes deeper into other layers. Can you explain more?

Exactly, it goes deeper, higher, wider and finer. And then, at the next level of consciousness so to speak, another ‘topic-pearl’ can emerge. And it can be one that is similar to a previously processed issue, yet it is different. You get a different point of view or another facet.
In a Soul Retrieval, we look at the fragmentations and disassociations that have priority and most urgently want to return to you. We look at five phases of the formative years, thus have five potential retrievals. ‘No further fragmentation in the aura field’ means that a.) there is nothing else to be done with regards to that particular topic / situation, or b) that, for the time being, nothing else shows up because ‘more’ could not be assimilated.
If all issues, emotional wounds, attachments, fragments and imprints were resolved in one day, the person‘s nervous system would fuse. Every harmonisation has to be assimilated and has a biochemical effect. It influences the other physical systems too (endocrine, respiratory, digestive, circulatory etc.). Running 10,000 volts through a small light bulb is not effective. It is better to replace lightbulbs step by step for a stronger lighting system.

Why did the guru topic not come up during my aura clearing?

The Clearing, even though it is comprehensive, it is a basic removal of energetic noise and distractions, meant to prepare the ground for a more indepth look. In this program we check possible negative influences according to a specific protocol. This is a lot, but some topics simply have to be dealt with separately, and only after some preliminary clearing and stabilising.
A guru relationship is a rather particular subject anyway. I‘m still investigating, but I‘ve already learned that a corrupt guru with a certain degree of fame (not the one who meditates alone in a mountain cave) does serve and feed a whole network of beings on the astral planes and beyond. He does that by harvesting the life energies of his followers. And he can also siphon and redirect his disciple’s skills and soul essences. As spiritual seekers, students or servants we have at some point (usually in past lives) not only agreed to certain contracts and oaths with a master but also have completely surrendered to him. So there can be enormous entanglements across lifetimes and at highest levels and across dimensions or timelines. I began to see this very clearly in certain guru- or cult-followers, who are simply no longer themselves.
A guru-devotee relationship is spiritually a very close, intimate and powerful bond. So the detachment from a master can have a profound and strong effect as it stretches across the entire multidimensional anatomy of a human. It can be tough, also emotionally. In your case, the guru connection was very old and very complex. Heart and nervous system must be ready for such a mega-blast. I have experienced a layered step by step release myself. When faced with big challenges, often several small steps are needed to make the final breakthrough. We peel the onion, layer by layer.

How exactly do I as a therapist recognise in a hypnosis session the client’s attachments like disembodied souls, entities, etc. (a very interesting topic by the way!), and how do I go about it? I understand that it may vary from client to client and that there is no ‘one solution fits all’ approach. Which is also the case in classical hypnosis. But what about a toolbox. Is there some guidance for beginners, before they proceed more intuitively?

In the hypnosis session, it is actually the client himself who recognises the disembodied soul or the energetic implant. Not the therapist. Thus, it takes the client’s readiness. This was the case with me as a client and student of hypnotherapy, and works accordingly with my clients.
Few clients know that these aura attachments exist, which is not a problem per se. But people have to be prepared for perceiving something ‘wild’ in their own body-fields. Their Higher Self takes care of this and presents the right information at the right time (e.g. to avoid panic and fear).
At the same time I have to say that states of pure consciousness are free of judgement and fear. And holding such a liberated space allows a natural and optimal transformation, for all parties involved.
I knew nothing about these phenomena before my first encounter of this kind during a hypnosis session, but I was open and deeply relaxed, free of judgment. When these forms appeared on my inner screen I was not shocked at all. In fact I communicated with them to gain an understanding why they were there. Of course it helped that my therapist and teacher for Clinical Hypnosis was unflinching, compassionate and confident.
Some of my clients see dark energies, black clouds or gray light in their sessions. These dark colors oftentimes feel heavy, cold, sticky, scary, debilitating or painful. Getting the client to engage with and talk to such an energy form is often an important breakthrough. It is a first step to experience how a judgment-free acknowledgment of what is, brings the key for transformation. After such an occasion, the client is often ready to recognise other things as well.
My role is to support the harmonisation, reconciliation and liberation of whatever emerges. I do not do it intellectually, but by holding the space and shed the light of awareness for it to happen. Setting clear intentions for a session, being willing to recognise the root cause of an issue and learning what needs to be learned are part of it. Each session is individual and unique, hence require total present moment awareness by me in order to know when to be quiet and when to verbally give guiding impulses to move on.
Whether dark energy, disembodied soul, past life soul fragment, implant or entity – all of this is recognised or felt and seen by the person who is in hypnotic trance (Esdaile state). The therapist‘s field also determines the potential depth of the session. It would not work if, for example, the client finds an implant in his head and is willing to deal with it constructively, but the therapist has no idea about these things and goes into judgment, panic or fight.

Could you teach me via zoom, how to do a house clearing myself? It would be like a private workshop just with me as participant. My idea is that if we can meditate remotely together, we should theoretically also be able to scan a living room together.

Your question about learning energetic home clearing is reasonable, and you are not the first who asks me. However, I‘m not sure how to teach clairvoyance, clairsentience and oneness, and whether it is teachable at all. The ability to open up to the field and see data or energies unfolded naturally in me.
I believe that your psychic reading and scanning abilities will automatically emerge in you once you have uncluttered yourself and your perception sufficiently, healed emotionally, and when you are proficient at detangling yourself from everyday stories and embody present moment awareness beyond your meditation sessions.
The idea of ​​scanning together is interesting. However, the process of Reading is different to meditating. In a meditation session, everyone is more or less in their own world and perception, depending on the individual light body and what information can be processed / tolerated and serves personal development.
I could teach you a clearing protocol, which is structured to address certain potential issues. But until now I always found additional, unpredicted, highly individualistic appearances in home clearings, things that are not mentioned in the protocol and can only be perceived in a higher consciousness state. For a deep, effective clearing, these things need to be identified, addressed and transformed. When they are named, they can be removed with an appropriate method. Or more precisely, they can leave with ease and dignity.
I suggest we test what is possible in a supervision session. I guide you into an elevated state of consciousness from where you might be able to scan a room and gain insights. Similar to the sessions when you checked your own body system.
In any case, if you do Readings, you have to be willing to surrender, to take yourself and all ego structures out (e.g. pride or wanting to influence the process).



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