Empathic = Integrated

Being an ’empath’ is actually the natural ability of a healthy, conscious, cosmically tuned-in person. No need to label it as if it was a stigma, or speciality. The fact that traits like higher sense perception, compassion and sensitivity get labeled just shows how far off-track and disintegrated humans have become.

Empathy is also not a gift. It is normal. It is the deficiency or distortion of empathy which is not normal. Lack of empathy is the state of disorder which requires labelling. Or rather warning.

Empath are often seen as the opposite of a narcissist. But the opposite of a narcissist is a more or less equally disintegrated individual, just on the other side of the scale of dysfunction and neediness: the victim, or rescuer (helper syndrome).

As covertly a narcissist / predator might act, as subtle and perfidious can be the behaviour of an altruist / prey archetype. Both, perpetrator and victim, are polar opposites but have developed matching coping / survival strategies after deep emotional wounding through traumata during the formative years (between conception and adolescence, often covering also past lives). And so these couples play out their dramas, with varying degree of severity and complexity.

What does it mean if you find yourself in a relationship with a narcissist? Be totally honest with yourself and shed light on your most hidden blind spots. If we are in relationship with a narc, we have somewhere a magnet or hook that matches their profile. It may be hard to find and admit it, but it is a breakthrough if we catch ourselves.


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