Where is God?

Where is God? How can I connect with the Divine?
And what is the point in connecting anyway?

These questions are not about a white-bearded father figure who towers high above the clouds, but about the subtle force that is greater than every thing and which doesn‘t fit into the parameters of human logic and physical mechanics. The benevolent and powerful intelligence in the universe, which you may suspect exists, or which you may already know and are guided by in your life. We can call it also pure (or divine) consciousness.

The thing is that our connection with supreme source is a normal state of being. It is our inherent birthright. That it is forgotten, doubted and questioned, or seen and sold as something special, just shows how misguided humans are.

Most people live within a fog of limiting beliefs and concepts, based on ancestral, social and religious conditioning, which rule out the possibility of having a divine connection with ease and grace. In addition to this, a numbed nervous system due to an unhealthy lifestyle and lifefocus adds to the dilemma of feeling disconnected. And when the ability to perceive supreme source is blocked, naturally most people doubt its existence (let alone recognise that ‘god’ is in everything and everyone!). Apart from not knowing how to re-activate and finetune their inner perception antennae, they do not even consider it.

All this is not new. These insights have been available for thousands of years – the ancient Indian Rishis pointed it out. However, in view of the bigger picture, it is clear why so called authorities, whether of religious or political nature, have no interest in educating people in matters of self-realisation. Self-empowered people are difficult, if not impossible, to control, enslave and abuse.

Religions certainly have their big share in establishing the belief that the divine is somewhere ‘high up’ outside of us and difficult to reach without a saviour. That’s also a big betrayal and distortion in human history: on the one hand religious leaders talk about god and the possibility of reaching heaven, but at the same time they do not really promote self-actualisation. They do not teach higher sense perception and liberating processing tools. In fact they tend to do everything to keep you searching and repenting, and bind you to rules, regulations and some saintly smiling authority and middleman outside of yourself. The donkey shall keep chasing the carrot on a stick.

Feeling connected to ‘god’ and embodying divine consciousness is not a matter of learning, believing or getting convinced. It is a matter of allowing and experiencing it, and then simply knowing. Explained in more detail:

It probably helps to first understand some basics about our mind. This simplified working model explains three main aspects of the human mind:

  • The INTELLECT, or rational mind, analyses and provides given ingredients a linear order and presents its results into our awareness. We can call the rational mind also day consciousness, which thinks, plans and compares – and recycles known data. It is a tool that can serve our highest good and the highest good of the environment around us. 
  • The SUBCONSCIOUS is the archive of all our experiences, memories and programs (both positive and negative). It automatically projects stored data without any filters into our field, and this way influences our perception, decisions, (re-)actions and behaviour. 
  • The SUPERCONSCIOUS, or higher self, inspires into our awareness. Our Higher Self is always available and represents our soul and spirit – the phenomenal, expansive and wisely guiding part of our beingness. It is a ‚consciousness hub‘ to subtle spiritual dimensions, and the divine. It provides us with intuition, inner knowing, creative powers and awakened insights, but also Higher Sense Perception such as clairvoyance and clairsentience. Our Higher Self is important when we deal with existential queries such as the above. 

Do you live life most of the time on autopilot (directed by your subconscious programs), or are you flowing with spontaneous impulses from your higher self? Translated into your everyday life: You have the choice to react inpulsively from old, automated, limiting subconscious imprints, or to respond consciously from present moment awareness.

Conscious perception is the key. And experiences or insights in the higher-dimensional levels of omniscience and omnipresence are possible only through consciousness. Through our internal consciousness-antennae. Not through scientific analysis or intellectual mind bending, and not through 5-sense perception. Because when we are identified with the body and mind, our senses pull our attention outwards, and our focus will be limited to the mundane, tangible and transient external aspects of life: health or disease, work, roles, status, places, possessions, people, performance, pain, calculations, comparisons, cravings and compulsions. 

Knowing god or perceiving the divine is an inner awakening into present moment awareness and receptivity. It is an inner opening which requires the capacity to hold the high frequencies of pure consciousness. And for this unfolding, all body systems – from physical to subtle – need to be whole (healed), purified and aligned to a certain degree. The nervous system and cellular memory play a crucial role in this.

In this day and age, there exist various potential blockages in your body that can disturb and distort your capacity to connect to your higher self. The reasons are manifold and correspondingly diverse are the approaches for clearing them. It is a process that first and foremost includes a self-responsible shedding of ‚what you are not‘ and a return of what belongs to you (e.g. fragmented aspects of your self / dissociations due to emotional wounding). The transformation of limiting conditionings and interferences can get facilitated by methods that address your body-mind-heart-soul, such as self-enquiry, yoga, pranayama, meditation, emotional and childhood healing, holistic therapies, wisdom studies, soul retrieval, energy practice, bodywork, detox, fasting and sattvic food.

Searching the wereabouts of god focuses on the outside. While the real quest is about your self-realisation, the focus within.

Divine consciousness power is always present. You can deny it, talk yourself out of it and resist it, but you cannot avoid it. So the question Where is God? is obsolete, and has to be replaced with Where are you? and Are you available?

Begin with yourself. Where is your awareness in relation to your own soul signature and spirit recognition? What drives you and why do you behave the way you do? What is the level of your awareness, integrity and reconciliation (completion) with people, places and situations? Do you cover up symptoms of disfunction, or do you get to the bottom of things? Are your decisions in life aligned with divine order: aliveness, creativity, cooperation, incorruptibility, fearlessness, respect for all living beings, generosity, forgiveness and love? What is your basecamp of consciousness and vital energy in your daily life? Do you feel healthy, content and satisfied? Can you be a neutral observer without emotional charge, judgements, expectations or assumptions? Do you have the inner receptive space and stillness to allow intuition and inspiration to reach you, AND are you clear and courageous enough to follow their nudges, even if the meaning is not revealed immediately?

To understand ‘where god is’ comes from our own consciousness realisation. The divine is within our reach, directly in us. It is even closer to us than our breath. Because consciousness comes before breathing. Evident for example when our breath is suspended in higher states of meditation, and we nevertheless continue to ‘be’. At least that‘s my experience.

And why bother? In my view, the conscious embodiment of our soul and spirit really serves a big thing: self empowerment, well-being and a lifestyle in harmony with nature and the cosmos. And the integrity that comes with it, is one of our most important contributions to the collective consciousness on the planet.

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