Unseen Influence: Negative Guides

While certain visible bacteria and parasites exist and drain our physical bodies, also invisible destructive occupants can exist, in our metaphysical bodies. It becomes increasingly clear how many individuals, spiritual teachers and popular channelers, leading personalities and public figures are colonised and not living alone in their body.

What is a negative guide?

A negative guide is a non-physical being that exists in the invisible realms of our multidimensional reality and immerses itself in a living human‘s body system. Such an entity can give special knowledge and / or enhance special skills and powers, which tend to feed and inflate its human host’s ego. And if the person identifies with a particular ability and starts to own, manipulate and play with it, then loss of integrity is inevitable.

We all want to be appreciated and admired for how great or special we are. Negative guides take this as an invitation and can give incredible skills, power or data that allow an individual to shine in front of others. But obviously, when individuals are hijacked, they are not the sole, true creators. They become a channel for that entity and have lost their sovereignty.

A negative guide can be a contact from a past life, an ‘ascended master’ who loves people with egos or a ‘new astral recruit’ if someone desires special support on their mission.

A negative guide in the astral realm can hide under the guise or title of a master, guru, god, goddess or rinpoche during one‘s meditation, but has nothing beneficial to offer in the long run, and is more then likely a dark entity masquerading as a spirit guide or saintly voice within a person.

Typical influence of a negative guide

Negative guides are occupants in a person‘s field (aura) and not a representation of the actual spirit or soul of a human. While a negative guide conveys certain information, it also interferes with the host‘s perception and inner guidance system. Most likely the host won‘t be aware of being colonised as the occupation creeped in slowly – between natural ability and ego inflation, followed by reality distortion – and s/he then got used to being under the guide‘s influence. Worst case, when the human soul is taken over completely.

A negative guide plays with the host‘s ego as it gives extraordinary, often almost inhuman, powers. But these powers come with a certain stress, discomfort, aggressiveness, smugness and / or ruthlessness, hence drain the host and also his or her team, students, clients, group, party or audience in some way. A negative guide can give special skills and powers, while sucking the host‘s vital energy. It can not only sabotage its own host and other individuals but entire communities, and nations.

Negative guides distort the original divine life flow. The host’s work and expressions are not anymore about purity, love and heart-centredness, but about manipulation, greed and ego strength. And one of the most effective communication tools tends to get lost as well: humour.

Potential telltale signs of negative guides in humans – typically in those individuals who have narcissistic tendencies and are in an authoritative position:

Expressions of a negative guide‘s influence are usually a combination of the below. Of course, such behaviour distortions are also possible when there are no negative guides in the aura field.

– contradictory, confusing behaviour (rewarding/punishing)
– subtly sabotaging what s/he is officially promoting
– decisions from which everything goes downhill (gets worse)
– blatant lies or doublespeak (deliberately obscuring or distorting truth)
– condescending attitude and mockery
– vanity
– absent mindedness (light is on, but nobody seems in the house)
– shutting down / non-responsiveness
– no cooperation and refusal to listen
– lack of empathy
– generalisations and sharp judgements
– mood swings
– twisted and / or snappy argumentations
– defensiveness and vicious (verbal) fighting
– distorted perception and lack of common sense
– requiring absolute obedience
– flattery (love-bombing) and more or less subtle sexual manipulation

Negative Guides are typically found in:

1.) Chairpersons and Public figures who blatantly lie or use doublespeak to cover up the truth, manipulate and attempt to escape responsibility. More often than not, the individual is not mastering him-/herself but is colonised and controlled by an invisible entity. What the human body says and does might appear amazing, advanced, visionary and eloquent, however, upon close observation, the person feels absent, distant, closed and rigid, and often their eyes feel cold, dark or even soulless.

2.) Popular channelers and healers who demonstrate a behaviour that feels to a client like flirting or being lured into something. The vicious part of it is that often the flirting happens towards the same sex. For example a female healer is flirting with a female client, which is like a cover up strategy for a male negative guide because the (heterosexual) client is unsuspecting. Some clients though feel irritation, binding, stickiness or energy loss after a session or meeting with the coach. This happens because the negative guide sucked up energy from the client (through the host).

3.) Gurus and spiritual teachers who are talking about consciousness but do not behave consciously. In fact, one can observe beneath their charisma, a lot of contradictions, hypocricy, haughtyness and even sadism. For example, there are gurus or new age teachers
– who propagate enlightenment but in their workshops present a behaviour that very subtly undermines the students‘ self-empowerment and self-realisation. Expressions of sabotage can be: creating time pressure; manipulating with fear; sharp comments and bouts of anger; erratic behaviour that oscillates between rewarding and punishing the follower; sexual advances on the astral plane, promises, answering specific questions with oversimplistic broad generalisations etc.
– who especially emphasise the divine feminine. The teacher or guru might promote the “inner goddess awakening” with related seminars, tantra workshops etc, but more or less subtle contradictory behaviour can be witnessed which reflects nothing less than hatred towards women. Expressions of sabotage can be: cynical or harsh remarks; oversensitivity; defensiveness; group pressure and unusual partner exercises; distorted perception of their students (and themselves) resulting in condescending views and lack of empathy.

4.) the astral realm: negative guides can also appear as spiritual masters during meditation and start ‘guiding’ their student. Bad news: the host won‘t progress but will get stuck in life. The student might feel important / special but will experience a deterioration of his / her health, relationships and finances. I had a client who, while meditating regularly, started seeing a buddhist monk/ lama who flattered her and gave instructions etc. At the same time she began to make decisions which resulted in loosing money, she isolated herself more and more and increasingly felt depressed and stuck in life. This went on for a some years. In a clearing session, her lama turned out to be an entity masquerading in buddhist attire.

How to clear and avoid Negative Guides:

1.) Do inner housekeeping, e.g. heal blind spots, cultivate awareness, maintain integrity.
2.) Decide to no longer be seduced and controlled by any person or circumstance, and also: to no longer seduce people and control the circumstances. With your free will you can choose not to house or support such destructive energies and agendas.
3.) Develop an absolutely freed sensing capacity in order to cognise occupied individuals, and avoid them. Learn to feel / read energies. And develop an awareness to detect disturbing attachments or attachment attempts in your own system.
4.) Trust your inner knowing and higher self which communicates to your via intuition and gut feelings.
5.) Inform yourself and get help from a trusted energy practitioner to clear your system energetically, if needed.


Early Vedic texts describe malevolent Asuras that compete against benevolent Devas, and are considered demons or ‘enemy of the gods’. Both, Devas (or Suras) and Asuras, are powerful but have different orientations and inclinations – the Devas representing the powers of light and the Asuras representing the powers of darkness in Hindu mythology.
„Each Asura and Deva emerges from the same father (Prajapati), share the same residence (Loka), eat together the same food and drinks (Soma), and have innate potential, knowledge and special powers; the only thing that distinguishes an Asura from a Deva is intent, action and choices they make in their mythic lives. (…) Asuras are powerful beings obsessed with their craving for ill gotten Soma and wealth, ego, anger, unprincipled nature, force and violence. (…) They question, challenge and attack the Devas to loot and get a share from what Devas have and they don‘t.“
– Yves Bonnefoy and Wendy Doniger (1993), Asian Mythologies, University of Chicago Press.

“An Asura is a being of the astral plane and can interact with the physical plane, causing major and minor problems in people‘s lives, messing with their mind and energy. A living being has got natural inclination for vyavāya, sex life; and madya sevāḥ, intoxication; āmiṣa sevāḥ, and meat-eating. This natural instinct exists and Asuras want to increase it. Preventing an individual‘s Vimokṣāya, liberation (janma-mṛtyu-jarā-vyādhi = no more birth, no more death, no more old age, no more disease).”
– Prabhupada lecture, As it is, Hawaii, January 1975.

Edith Fiore, therapist, past life regressionist and author
Excerpt from a 30-minute interview (dvd):

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