Neutral Observance & Resonance Awareness

Humans tend to instantly react with resistance and judgment if they come across something, or somebody, they do not resonate with. If they do not resonate, they automatically do not like it, or judge it as bad.

Behind this reaction stands the ego. And the ego can shoot really fast and is quickly ready for battle.

But if we just do resonance, resonance awareness, which means just being conscious of what resonates and what does not resonate, we can stay neutral. No need to have an opinion and think in terms of good or bad.

This way, we can save a lot of energy which we otherwise loose during friction and resistance.

And one way to melt judgmentalness is by shifting our monkey minds’ comments into neutral observer mode: ‘interesting’ or ‘oh’, or silence. 

Helpful to re-member: We can choose what our mind focuses on, and what it blurrs.

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