Energetic Freedom after Spiritual Abuse

Have you experienced abuse by a guru, yoga teacher or tantrik? Have you experienced their subtle seduction and psychic entanglement techniques, and black magic? You are not alone. Spiritual abuse is a phenomenon that is not new, but it is only recently that seekers and students speak up and discuss this topic more openly.

Do you still feel connected and manipulated by that individual or group, although you have already moved away from the relationship, ashram or community? Then, please consider energetic clearing work. It is a foundation to get your self back on track and includes the release of energetic cords and psychic mind hooks that interfere with your system, divert your attention and siphon your lifeforce. 

While the misconduct by a spiritual teacher can be visible and tangible like financial corruption or sexual liaisons, I found that significant damage and offenses take place in the invisible, metaphysical realms of consciousness and energies. The deception, the psychological and energetic abuse, in what I consider as sacred soul space, can really be quite complex. This is also a reason why many do not file a case or go public with their experience – it is difficult to grasp and communicate. 

The good news: You can break free and move on. Recovery is possible, and you will be stronger and wiser than you have been before. I have done a great amount of healing, integration and completion work myself on this topic.*

Now, I would be delighted to support you with the tools and insights that have proven effective in my, and my clients’, recovery processes. I have been asked several times before whether I can help in such cases, and the answer is Yes. Though it will take your own self-reflection, self-healing (of emotional wounds and blind spots), absolute present moment awareness, thought control and a radical disengagement from all connections to the abuser, I am here to accompany you, if you like. 

When you are ready and feel resonance with my approach, contact me. This is a powerful Foundational Clearing Program to help you realign:

1. Step – Initial Zoom Meeting:
We meet online. This is space for you to share with me your experience, and for me to listen and better understand your situation. (75 minutes, online via zoom)

2. Step – Bodyfield Clearing Protocol:
Effective auric sweep to release energetic noise and entanglements to help restoring your field integrity. This is an optimal foundation for deeper healing in the next step.
(Remote work done by me while you continue with whatever you do in your everyday life; Once this work is done, you will receive a summary of the findings.)

3. Step – Personalised Bodyfield Reading:
Clearing session that is tailored to your specific case, to dissolve high priority issues like karmic binding, the root cause of tensions, fears or destructive thought patterns.
(Session is done remotely by me while you continue with whatever you do in your everyday life; once this work is done, your will receive an audio recording.)

4. Step – High Frequency Alignment:
Recharge to increase your vitality and allow better access to your own inner voice. Life force (prana) that was tied up in your attachements and blockages can now flow freely through you.  (Remote work done by me while you continue with whatever you do in your everyday life.)

5. Step – Integration Plan:
Recommendations and inspiration for you, to maintain and further improve your life quality, perception and discernment. (pdf file)

FEE: € 360,- EUR
TIMING: Steps 2-5 are done remotely by me while you continue with whatever you do in your everyday life. I need you to be present only for the first step, during our online get together. The entire program is done within two days.
APPOINTMENTS: via contact

Payment is due before Step 1 and within 24 hours after confirming the appointment. Once paid and scheduled, the process begins. That’s why this work is non-refundable and non-transferable to another person/different service. Cancellation or no show: full price, no refund, no rescheduling.

You may read: Spiritual Predators & Parasitic Gurus
and Subtle Corruption in Spirituality

* In addition to my own guru related detachments, one of my abilities is to tap into a field of information, which cannot be detected by the normal senses. With my mind’s eye I see what’s physically not visible, but present as vibration (Akashic Record). So while I’m in an altered state of consciousness I can scan your system for the most demonstrative energies related to your situation. The information I receive allows an understanding and awareness shift, and therewith your (self-)healing (hence “Reading AND Clearing”). In parallel  I hold a more ordinary awareness through which I’m able to translate what shows up into words and speak (for the audio-report of the session).

image: unknown illustrator

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