It takes all kinds

I’m travelling and would like to share an episode from a popular spiritual power hub in India, with currently many Western seekers:

Me standing at a counter in a cafe today, paying my breakfast. I had a delicious cinnamon pancake, enjoyed a great view into nature and a lovely conversation with a friend. I feel good. While closing my purse I turn towards the exit, seeing in the corner of my eye an elderly Western woman who just entered and moves behind me. I’m carrying a bigger straw bag on my shoulder and walk towards the staircase leading out, when I suddenly feel a pull on my bag. I turn around to check what’s going on. It’s this lady, who holds my bag and tells me angrily: “Your bag hurts.” My bag apparently brushed her arm while she was walking behind me in the cafe room. I say: “Oh, so sorry if I touched you.” And I walk down the stairs. She shouts after me, rubbing her arm: “You’re bag is hurting!” Me: “Madam, what can I do?” She shouts: “You can apologise!” Me: “I just said sorry, didn’t I?” She: “You said ‘sorry if I touched you’, not ‘sorry for hurting you.’!” I’m quiet, checking: Is she serious? Yes, she is. I can’t help but laughing out loud. Then I say with a calm, yet assertive voice: “Relax. Please relax.”, and walk away. She mumbled something stroppily. Ok, my choice of the word ‘touch’ in the spur of the moment might not have been ideal, but the meaning was clear and my apology was heartfelt.

Do you know such situation, you’re in great spirits or just simply content, when out of nowhere someone shoots at you, in an attempt to dump some energetic goo on you? When someone’s behaviour is completely blown out of proportion in relation to the situation at hand? 

This inspires me to raise awareness towards a couple of potential issues when visiting so called spiritual places (of course, this can also happen at home):

  1. The above is a classic reaction of fragmented folks. People who are unaware of themselves, have not healed the wounded (needy) child within or have not learned to discern their own thoughts and energies from external invasions to their mind. Unawareness creates blind spots and makes them prone to be used as unconscious portals to attack others. 
  2. Darkness gathers nowadays in the most sacred locations. Temples, spiritual places or meetings of spiritual seekers are no guarantee for purity and good things to happen. Tentacles of darkness are everywhere, trying to put out the light. Attempting to destabilise and derail light. 

An Indian yogic healer friend of mine told me another example of sabotage, and self-sabotage. Here is what she just wrote about one of her clients:

A woman consultee bought an expensive yellow sapphire ring. Was in 7th heaven. Came out of Vipassana in Jaipur, called me, angry and pissed about the hallmark on gold setting. I quietened her down just now. American woman, tortured life. Going for next Vipassana in Pune… First she wrote the gem is puffed because of the mark they put on it in the making. Puffed like popcorn? Yellow sapphire? Its the next hardest to diamond! Mark is on the gold. It guarantees purity of the gold. I told her, “The problem is your angry, agitated mind! Annoyance! Irritability! Projection in the ring! Dark trying to make you take off ring of God & Grace.” Amazing. It takes all kinds. Like with your missile carrier bag! You must send more Love to your bag!

I replied: I shall do that straight away! And I might as well attach a note to it:

! Beware 🔴 ☠🔴 High Voltage !


! Beware 🔴 ☠🔴 Plutonium! 

Yes, there are many different kinds of people, and we should not judge and condemn them for being different. BUT we should feel free to apply humour, laughter and our energetic umbrella to allow disruption attempts to pearl off of us.  Also commanding Return to sender (or source) is effective.

Oh my god, just as I thought this article has come to an end, the story continues. 

I’m sitting in the restaurant of above breakfast story and have just ordered dinner. My attention inevitably goes to the neighbour table behind me, as a bunch of elderly British English speaking women talk with rather loud voices about their satsang experiences. My back is facing them but what I understand is that they are pensioners who spend their free time with satsang hopping between North and South India, and wherever else. And they have a wealth of experience it seems. Their verbal swirl is all about comparing the wisdom teachers. Their personalities, their smiles (?!) and teachings. I feel like witnessing a bad theatre play. It makes me wonder, how much (anything?) have they really understood from the many satsang attendances.

15 minutes pass…. Without interruption, they talk about the teachers. And they continue. Obviously feeling entitled to kaffeeklatsch and assess them. Compare, judge and categorise. All that’s missing is the star rating like we have for hotels and restaurants. Now, that’s an idea, star ratings for satsang buffets!

What an eye opener, I had no idea that people see satsangs as entertainment and spend all their holidays with teacher hopping, and then some form of teacher bashing. Apart from the ladies’ unkind, ungrateful dissections, I don’t even want to imagine the energetic implications of their spiritual tourism and binging.

As I just turned around to speak to the waiter, I glanced over to the ladies. And guess who is one of them. The lady who shouted after me and my bag this morning. Ha ha, what a story. 


The bag

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