Awakening (Self-)Love

Whether you want to release energy-draining thought loops, persistent conflict patterns or generally improve the quality of your life, the Online Healing sessions with me can bring you instant insights, relief and orientation. 

During our meetings we create together a sacred space to tune into It, facilitate the clearing of your highest priority issue, reconnect you to your own inner resources and get you back in the flow.

Special Springtime Offer: reduced rate!

::: Step 1 :::
Book a session by paying EUR 72 (= USD 81). Just click:

Online Healing Session


::: Step 2 :::
After booking your online session, you will receive a form from me.  Please fill it out and send it back with a description of your current issue, personal details as well as your preferred date and time for the online meeting.

::: Step 3 :::
We agree on the date and time acc. to our timezones and have the session via zoom (or skype / facetime).

During the sessions, you are requested to
sit in a place where you are relaxed and undisturbed.
use earphones when we meet online.
be open-minded and surrendered when we enter the high frequency space.

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