Behind the Scenes

Our house here in India turned spontaneously into a film location for the production of an advertising spot. And what a refreshing experience it was! It also felt as if my past role as design director was catching up with me. This time, not in a creative role though, but as host, which was rather delightful. 

Just a couple of days prior to the actual shooting, a location scout turned up in my husband’s office. To cut a potentially long story short: the following morning, the advertising agency decided to use our house and the day after the film crew of ca. 70 people turned up! From Mumbai, Delhi, Dehradun,… They were all lovely and Bhavin, our shepherd dog, enjoyed the upheaval on our property. He kept checking all the sheep… 

Our garden got quickly filled with technical equipment and the neighbour’s garden was used for the catering tent (buffet, tables, chairs). Indoors, the set designer dealt with the two rooms they had chosen for the production, one downstairs and one upstairs. He shifted our furniture, changed curtains, replaced wall pictures, utilised his own props (his team had brought three big boxes), but also took some of our interior decoration and books (my books, the holy grail of the house!). When he looked through my paintings and picked the oldest and least finished canvas with the most naiv sujet, I cringed big time. Of all canvases, that one, but I kept thinking ‘Ok, Marina, let go. It’s not important.’

You might can imagine, that it was not the only time, when I told myself: ‘Marina, let go. It’s not important.’ When your home gets invaded by such a big group of people with a lot of machinery and materials, and an agenda, there certainly are moments that challenge you into practicing detachment.

To give you a better idea, here some snapshots:

When the filming in our house was done, everyone left as quickly as they had appeared. Calm after the storm. The silence after those very busy two days was quite intense.

Though all of our things were put back in place, I felt inspired to take this opportunity to unclutter and redecorate the house. This process started the day after the shooting and lasted til yesterday.  

The 2 minutes ad was launched on the 10. April and got already 1.6 Million views on YouTube within the first 4 days. Our house is featured, but – ha ha – not even 10 seconds! 

Story of the ad: a young man who lives in the bigger city travels home back to his parents’ house in order to vote. The ad affirms that Indian people use their vote and contribute to the elections. Because right now we are in the middle of the Indian general election (held in seven phases from 11 April to 19 May 2019).

So here we go, the end result – EkDinKiChutti / Let’s travel to vote:

Agency: Autumn Grey
Director: Deepti Nagia
Creative Producer: Tushar Sadashiv Shivan

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