Notre-Dame Fire: Alchemy & Transitions

Today, when I got the news about the fire in Paris, I stayed surprisingly calm. Like a neutral observer. International Media painted a rather dramatic picture. Which to me did not feel aligned with the truth. Yes, from rational perspective, and people might also have emotional attachments, it is a pity to have lost this piece of architecture, or parts of it. But ENERGETICALLY, what is happening is a potent shift on the planet. And it is symbolic for the phase out of patriarchal, corrupt powers and undue occupations. 

I feel, that the fire at Notre-Dame cleared the space to literally re-member the female energy and divine mother frequency. As a friend of mine put it: “It marks the end of the dark (Gothic) era in the Christian world, towards a more honest integration.” And as reply to my notes: “Beautiful, And Yes! Yes! Yes! See, the gold cross stayed intact. People don’t know what it signifies! The Supremacist Ego refuses to recognise and value its true meaning. The cross is always worn over the Heart. It is about Pure, Loving Surrender to God & humanity.” Yes, the very antithesis of today’s widespread sense of entitlement, doership and externalised fast food spirituality.

Significant aspects supporting my perception:

  1. Nobody was injured or killed.
  2. French investigators say it was an accident, no sign that the fire was caused on purpose. Why don’t we assume that this is the truth (instead of searching for potential political motives and ‘terrorists’).
  3. Before this cathedral was built, in the same location, there was a Temple of Goddess Isis. During the time of the Roman Empire, the city of Paris was home to a large temple to Isis. “On orders from the Christian Roman Emperor, Christian soldiers raided the Temple of Isis, killed all priestesses, stole all the temple treasures, and used the building as a Christian Church. In the 10th century, the Roman Catholic Church built Notre-Dame Cathedral on the same spot.” (extract from The Linear Heritage of Women by Adrian Harrison Arvin & Heidi Louise Arvin).
    Isis is an Egyptian goddess. She was the first daughter of Geb, god of the Earth, and Nut, goddess of the Sky. She married her brother, Osiris, and conceived their son Horus. Isis is known as protector of the dead and goddess of children but most often associated with the belief in life after death and the hope of immortality.

Basically the fire of Notre-Dame took place on the temple grounds of the goddess.

And so close to the auspicious time of Easter which not only represents Jesus’ emergence from the tomb and resurrection – symbolising transition of life, death and rebirth –, but is also the celebration of spring with lots of indigenous influences. Easter (in German called “Ostern”) got its name from the goddess Ēostre or Ostara who was the pagan goddess of spring and a Germanic divinity associated with love, sexuality, beauty, fertility, gold and shamanic / pagan rituals.

And as fire does, it creates an ALCHEMY… facilitating integration (of male and female principles) and elevation (of consciousness).

Indeed, if we go deeper into mysticism and alchemy we also find the so called Alchemical Egg, a symbol for magical realisation. In the book Alchemy by Marie Louise von Franz (Jung’s closest student/disciple) we read this description:
“The ‘Ovum Philosophicum’, which can be translated as the philosophical or alchemical egg, is the principal vessel used in alchemical operations. During the alchemical process, the material, hermetically sealed in the egg, is put through a symbolic death and rebirth. When the egg was cracked, a new mystical substance emerged which was an elixir that prolonged life and acted as a catalyst capable of improving any substance that it came in contact with. This substance, called the Philosopher’s Stone, could change lead into gold and change an ordinary person into an enlightened master.”

Also India’s ancient Yoga tradition (Sanatana Dharma) offers insights on our multidimensional reality: Brahmāṇḍa (Sanskrit) means the egg of Brahmā and refers to the Supreme Being which is the root of the origin of the universe. Certain holy scriptures such as the Brahmanda Purana speak of this in detail.

The Rig Veda uses a similar expression for the source of the universe: Hiranyagarbha, which means ‘golden egg’ or ‘golden womb’ (hiranya: gold, garbha: seed, egg, womb, embryo) from which Brahma, the creator emerges, or in a different interpretation, where Brahma himself is the womb. Check: the hymn of the Rigveda RV 10.121.

But please understand, that these descriptions point at and are associated with a STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS rather than an entity or material thing.

The Divine Feminine is on the rise. And outer events are inviting and reminding us to re-connect with our spiritual origin, our ‘divine human qualities’ and spiritual home – the Divine Womb of the Universe. Of which Isis and her temple are one representation.



Note about temple buildings:building energy

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