Original Earth Plan: Paradise!

paradise“Why is there so much suffering on Earth? And if there is God, why does ‘he allow’ this?” people tend to wonder. From my perspective, misery in life was certainly never ‘the plan’, yet humans have maneuvered themselves into some sort of dilemma through a series of misunderstandings and suboptimal decisions. But help is at hand if one wants. Yes, it can feel overwhelming to observe ongoing wars, violence, misogyny, depletion of natural resources, cruel dairy / meat industries, gmo food, geo-engineering, radioactive waste in our oceans, g5, dew, transhumanism, biometrics, obligatory vaccinations, increase of mental diseases, misinformation, quantum leakage and what not. And it seems we as individuals cannot do much about it. BUT that’s not true.

Each one of us can foster and nurture a constructive mindset and a high vibrational energy spin which serve to step out of a sense of helplessness and create a positive momentum from which new paths can emerge.

Today I would like to share an insight, a knowing, which I got some time ago. I re-membered that Earth’s original plan was to be a ‘paradise planet’. Or to be more precisely, Earth USED TO BE paradise. It was a beautiful high frequency place with luscious nature where evolved beings lived harmoniously and synergistically with each other. Where everyone’s intentions were benevolent and communication was instant (telepathic). Energies of ease, flow, sacredness and pleasing aethetics were all around.

There existed a natural, direct connection between all beings and the divine. Supreme consciousness expressed itself freely in all inhabitants. And everyone engaged only in good, noble and joyful deeds, devoid of any sense of separation, anxiety or deceit. Neither agriculture and hunting, nor fear, sickness and dis-ease existed. Every member would be inclined towards supreme knowledge and all actions performed would be aligned to attain celestial bliss. Though in varying degrees, Yoga or Union with God was the prominent feature of that era

The original purpose of life on Earth was, and still is: Joy. No intellectual purpose. This might be hard to believe in view of how we live in this day and age. And if paradise on Earth truly existed, how could we loose it? What the heck happened? 

The answer I got upon my enquiry: “something went wrong”. I never saw exactly what happened, but it was made clear to me that there has always been a certain risk, and unfortunately a split and tilt took place. What ‘risk’? Maybe we find a clue here: Manifestation is a crystallisation from high frequency consciousness (inspired impulse) into lower frequency density (form). So the moment materialisation happens, the vibration of that creation drops. And although a high frequency consciousness state can be physically embodied by us humans, it is a challenge, both to achieve it and maintain it, simply because matter is made of ‘subtle forces’ which can loose balance, especially if the environment is not conducive. 

These forces are called Trigunas or simply Gunas and through their interplay manifestations happen in the Universe. 

  • Sattva: awareness / illumination / equilibrium – with the qualities of harmony, purity of heart and mind, equanimity, truthfulness, contentment, kindness
  • Rajas: activity – positive quality: movement and progress towards sattva, negative quality: compulsion, intellectualisation, greed, restlessness away from sattva;
  • Tamas: passivity – positive quality: steadiness, density and material expression of divine beauty, negative quality: lethargy, fear, anger, ignorance and obscuring of the divine;

“Action that is virtuous, thought through, free from attachment, and without craving for results is considered Sattvic; Action that is driven purely by craving for pleasure, selfishness and much effort is Rajasic; Action that is undertaken because of delusion, disregarding consequences, without considering loss or injury to others or self, is called Tamasic.”
– Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 18, 23–25

Everyone and everything contains all three Gunas, only in different proportions, which define their nature, the physical and psychological characteristics. Every creation, whether tangible or intangible, is a reflection of those forces, and they are constantly interacting with each other in an endless variety of expressions. Ideally, rajas and tamas work together in service of sattva.

(To illustrate that all three gunas are necessary for a act of creation: a sculptor decides to make a clay bowl. He is inspired by sattva. He gets a lump of clay, which represents tamas (inertia). Its formlessness has to be overcome, through the sculptors will to conquer his own lethargy and the challenges of the medium. Here rajas comes into play to generate the needed momentum. The ideal form of sattva will eventually be embodied in the tangible clay bowl. Sattva alone would be the unrealised idea. rajas without sattva would be mere undirected energy. Rajas without tamas would be like a lever without fulcrum. – similar example in The Essence of Yoga by Swami Prabhavananda)

Unfortunately, in the majority of the people on the planet right now we can witness an imbalance of these components, with a tendency towards rajas (greed) and tamas (fear), away from sattva, which results in distorted perceptions, erroneous believes and less ideal decisions. When any of the Gunas is out of balance in a being or thing, it affects not only itself but its environment. Thus humans tend to get trapped in a ping pong dynamic of dualities, swinging between pleasure and pain, agitation and calm, subject and object, victim and perpetrator, god and man, death and rebirth, light and dark.

Although nonduality – a mature state of consciousness / awareness without distortions and dichotomies – does exist in humans, it does not come easily. It usually follows prolonged preparation through commitment to a spiritual / meditative practice, a balanced, simple lifestyle and a holistic healing process.

“An ocean is that one seer, without any duality (Advaita); this is the Brahma-world, O King. This is his highest goal, this is his highest success, this is his highest world, this is his highest bliss.”
– Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 4.3.32

Anyway, whether we use the model of the Gunas or not does not really matter. Essential is that there exists an intelligence within and beyond everything: the Formless, or the eternal all-pervading Supreme Consciousness (Nirguna Brahman). All things and beings are infused with and surrounded by it, and this is also what connects us. Through our energetic-spiritual body systems (multidimensional anatomy / Koshas) we are all interconnected and linked to larger collective consciousness fields.

“When a person, animal or living thing is harmed, or killed traumatically and suffers, the energetic result and vibration of that harm and suffering is embedded into the memory of the earth body, and the memory of that person and all those interconnected with them (…) all human torture and pain inflicted on life forms, no matter how big or small, is recorded in the earth field, and this information does not clear, transit or neutralize, until that pain is witnessed and spiritually healed. The collective pain body converts itself into planetary miasma and this is like toxic waste. This waste product, when it’s not cleaned up, can cause many diseases and harmful genetic mutations to manifest in the future generations, as well as in nature and animals.” – Lisa Renee

Going back to my initial point about the lost paradise Earth. Upon research we can find different explanations for what has happened, ‘what went wrong’. Though it can be useful to know the root cause of an issue in order to heal it and progress, in this case it might be beneficial, if not even more effective and elegant, to know that ‘paradise’ was once possible, and that we can now hold the space for such an uplifting vision. We can begin a fresh timeline or rather tap into the one that has already been established by light pioneers / way showers, and make choices to facilitate a new paradisian reality on this planet.

We can consciously reconnect to our divine human anatomy, our spirit, soul, heart and Buddhi (awakened knowing and discernment) – all it takes is our decision – and then choose to cultivate divine qualities in our thoughts, words and actions, such as cooperation, generosity, clarity, fairness, non-judgementalness, spontaneity, creativity and beauty. Therewith melting darkness, anchoring benevolent forces into soil and sphere to prepare the ground for Paradise on Earth. That’s the mark of the original plan back in action. Heaven on Earth. So please don’t be disheartened in view of worldly events, but keep on shining!

paradise earth2

“You cannot force someone to comprehend a message that they are not ready to receive. Still, you must never underestimate the power of planting a seed.”
– unknown

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