Awake. Now what?

Once awakening happens, once you reconnect to It, unfold back into absolute consciousness, your desires and wishes tend to disappear. The desire to be known for something or to create something special dissipates. Then there is no more interest in identifications, fame, fighting for something, striving and stories. And often no more interest in sex either. How then, do you continue living in the worldly marketplace? And in your home with your significant others who might be on a different plane.

With self-realisation also questions stop. Because true cognition is not about intellectual understanding – after which the mind tends to just pose further questions – but about beingness, 360° present moment awareness and intuitive knowing. Everything of relevance is available from within. Input from the outside might be interesting, but not ‘necessary’ anymore.

Once you have began the inner homework of awareness practice and personality cultivation, and have reached a minimum level of integrity and coherence, you are also fairly immune to potential multidimensional interferences. To a large extent you have transcended emotional pingpong patterns, dense concepts and dark phenomena. And are in an unspectacular, relaxed, yet alert everyday consciousness.

Conscious beingness is no more compatible with old 3D paradigms. And those who woke up usually cannot find the energy anymore to pretend to fit into a career oriented, corporate lifestyle and society’s conventions. How are you handling this? I’d love to hear from you. Do you withdraw into transpersonal isness? Or do you still play the old game? What does your worldly concrete action look like now? And who takes care of your bills? 

There exist a potential subtle trap though: when we identify with the spiritual self. And this identification can be quite perfidious. When it has the upper hand, clings to the experience of the formless, and rejects all worldliness. Thus keeping us away from duties, relationships and down-to-earth living, basically isolating us from a potent coexistence of our spiritual and worldly sides (and indeed skills!).

So if there are currently no impulses for worldly actions coming through you, could it be that a hidden part of you is blocking it? Are you ready to let it all go and surrender, and stand in the middle of the marketplace? To become empty like Krishna’s flute, and allow divine breath to play its melody through you? And with that also implement your ideas into actual manifestation.

How many people, who feel like that, are currently on this planet? Awake, content in relative independence of the circumstances and without any impulse to do something. Are you one of them?

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