Divine Being Programme for Women

Soul Nourishment from the Goddess Field.

What is brilliant and really awesome about the many Indian gods and goddesses: that they present the various cosmic influences, healing arts and creative powers. This means, they are not at all representatives of a particular religion, but rather meaningful figures with inspiring stories which remind us of our ability to embody divine qualities ourselves, and that we ourselves are beings of divine origin. 

Are you already in touch with your body consciousness, soul and spirit? Then read on! Because now you have the opportunity to involve the beautiful goddess Saraswati, one of the most prominent goddesses in the Indian pantheon, as your sacred accomplice and supporter of your worldly affairs.

Are you in the midst of the opening of a new life chapter or in the transformation process of certain ‘topic pearls’? Do you want to refine your receptivity for positive synchronicities and optimal life flow? Do you feel like an intergalactic or starseed and wonder what’s your purpose on Earth? Do you want an inspiring partnership and enhance the positive impact on your environment? Do you want to train your discernment and your ability to perceive energies and subtle dynamics, thus understand yourself better? Then my Divine Being programme could just be what you are looking for! 

This 10 days programme is tailored to your current needs and allows you to immerse yourself in a high-frequency healing space that I hold with you for 10 days to catalyse deep transformation and unfolding for you. Both in the actual sessions as well as during the in-between-times, you will be able to cognise the bigger picture of your situation and the next steps for optimal progress. My guidance aims at you trusting your inner wisdom and the perspective of your higher self. Supported and protected by consciously anchoring ourselves in the grand goddess field.

Nourish your Soul and Be in Sync with the gentle and potent Vibes of the Feminine.

10 Days Divine Being Programme

For conscious, meditation-practicing women as well as those who have worked with me before. We focus on your current life situation and your heart’s desire. Which area in your life do you want to optimise? We look at the bigger context, go to the root cause of potential challenges and align you.

  • 5 Personalised sessions on zoom (5x 75 mins. within 10 days) 
  • Individual Integration plan 
  • Mail support (up to 1 week after our last session) 

FEE: EUR € 540,- 
APPOINTMENTS: after receipt of payment and your enquiry via contact

Areas of your life we can look at:
Creative flow & Self-expression
Love Life & Partnership
Female Cycles & Fertility
Physical health
Harmonising male / female principles

Family, Friendships & Network
Money flow & Finances
Life opportunities & Perspectives
Clarity of Mind & Decisiveness (in an acute crossroad situation)
Spiritual Awakening, Soul & Spirit
Confidence, Anxiety & Depression patterns
Childhood imprints & Emotional wounds

Location: our 1:1 meetings take place online via Zoom.

Payment is due before the 1st session and within 24 hours after confirming the booking, otherwise programme will be automatically cancelled. Cancellation: Once paid and scheduled, this work is non-refundable and non-transferable to another person / different service. Appointments must be scheduled after purchase and take place within the scheduled time frame of 10 days, or are forfeited otherwise.

Book now: 10 Days Divine Being Programme

5 Online sessions, 75 mins each, within 10 days. For scheduling, please go to contact page


Mythological background: Saraswati is not only a significant river in the Himalayas that flows into the Alaknanda, a source river of Ganga Ma, but it is also the goddess Sarasvatī, the flowing one, who stands for purity (symbolised also in the characteristic white color of her clothes), wisdom and learning, as well as the arts, poetry and literature, dance and music. In the Devi Mahatmyam, one of the most important ancient scriptures (also called Durga Saptashati and part of the Markandeya Purana text), she is shown as eight-armed Maha Sarasvati (great Sarasvati) together with Maha Kali and Maha Lakshmi as representative of the origin of all divine effects: the unity of the cosmic forces of creation, conservation and destruction / transformation. Iconography presents Sarasvati in the middle of a lake, the primordial water, which can be interpreted as the beginning of all creation. She is, as well as her husband Brahma, the creator of the universe. Her companion and mount (vahana) is a swan (hamsa) – a peacock in some South Indian depictions – that stands for purity and discernment. She usually sits on a lotus, the symbol of beauty and wisdom.

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