Clearings, Completions & Creations

Many of you might have heard of Energy Healing and Akasha Readings and have learned something about Meditation. Some of you may be already meditating alone and have tried holistic therapies or participated in ‘spiritual’ workshops, while others may not know anything about these things.

Whether artist, banker, doctor, lawyer, teacher, health practitioner or yoga instructor, singles or couples, women or men, increasingly more people questing for the connection with themselves. They realise that in addition to their worldly households, also their mental, emotional, energetic realities need to be cleaned and maintained. 

Taking care of our selves, of being balanced, healed, whole and integrated is ultimately about the journey within, self-awareness and self-love. And the more conscious and loving people become, the more caring they also become of others – people, the animal kingdom, nature and the cosmos. Everything becomes an extension of themselves. Naturally and increasingly, they make choices that do the least harm to other beings and the planet.

This post will give you a brief overview of the most effective ways of yogic consciousness practice and holistic healing, according to my experience (which spans decades and includes work on myself and with clients). Here the TOP 3 most effective Paths to Inner Knowing, Health and Happiness:


Meditation (Dhyana) is one of the keys of yoga practice (Sadhana), which aims at transforming us into our pure, most potent, conscious and mature form. There exist a widely held belief that meditation is for spiritual purposes only and only for people who have spiritual aspirations, such as enlightenment. While this is true, it is also true that meditation is highly beneficial in a physical, psychological and worldly sense. Peace of mind, decreased emotional reactivity, increased vitality, optimal productivity and a stronger immune system, to name just a few. The benefits of regular meditation practice are diverse, and cover all levels of human existence: our inner and outer lives. The physical, material, mental, emotional, energetic as well as the level of isness: our soul, our spirit and formless supreme consciousness (god / divine source). Meditation is universal. It’s not about anything religious or occult. Meditation has nothing to do with any beliefs or cultural identities. And neither with new age fluff. Meditation practice is an ancient, pragmatic way to turn inwards for personal spiritual progress. Though there exist different types of meditation, something they have in common: they all aim at leading you within to your core of nourishing potent stillness and to your essence. Awareness practice is probably the most ancient and proven healing and rejuvenation technique. Best to be combined with integrative, grounding bodywork and fresh, nutritious food. Learn more

Soul Retrieval

Most of our emotional woundings take place in childhood, during our formative years between birth and puberty (late teens). Or even before, during conception in mother’s womb. And if we have experienced traumatic situations or abuse (physical and / or psychological) in this time, we have developed coping strategies, which most likely result in beliefs and behavioural patterns which are rather ineffective and outdated as an adult (e.g. infantile behaviour like sulking, stubbornness, resistance, jealousy, avoidance, neediness etc). In cases of trauma, pain and suffering, but also inappropriate roles and responsibilities (such as the parentified child, objectified daughter or glorified son), it is common that a dissociation takes place, as an automatic self-protection mechanism. These fragmented pieces are still connected to you but remain separated, and will affect you until they get acknowledged, healed and reintegrated. This is a process also known as working with the Inner Child. Soul Retrieval is a traditional (shamanic) energy and soul healing method that is a critical foundation for a harmonious, healthy body system – physically strong, mentally clear, emotionally balanced and spiritually aligned. Whatever is unhealed, whether suppressed or forgotten, affects us. I can guide you in a way that allows you to see for yourself the bigger picture, and enables transformation of the fragments, gaps or blockages linked to your problem and allows lasting healing (closure). Soul Retrievals as I practice them, create the space for High Frequency Alignment, which is ideal for intergalactics, starseeds, grid- and light-workers to help them to re-member relevant knowledge and memories, to better understand their stellar vibrations, and to resolve interferences. Sessions take place in person, or remotely online. Learn more

Home & Aura Clearing:

This is an effective process to solve persistent or repetitive problems, create field integrity, and get back into the flow. A Home & Aura Clearing releases energetic noise and distractions. It is an optimal foundation for deeper explorations. In this comprehensive programme I check negative influences that are attached to you and clear those entanglements, blockages or energy leakages. The clearing of your field and the release of restrictive, distorting influences help to restore and maintain the integrity of your multidimensional body system to let your true self optimally shine through. It is important to do the spiritual clearing of your living space before clearing your aura field, simply to avoid that your healing gets sabotaged and to prevent repeated intrusions after the clearing work on you. (Recommended is also the clearing of all people you are living with. It can be done as a separate clearing session.) The work is done remotely without you being physically present. 

Are you ready for feeling more loving and loved, ready for an energetic detox and revitalisation, ready to streamline your life, rewire your nervous system and unfold your essence? Contact me and take the first steps towards new realisations. 

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