How to properly release your Ex

free.jpgDo you still feel tied to your Ex? Do you repeatedly think (or dream) of your ex-lover, and feel drained? Do you have trouble finding a new partner or getting on with your new love? Do you have fertility issues? Most likely you are still energetically connected to your ex partner/s which can result in energy leakage, interferences and blockages.

How can you get your Ex out of your mind and system? What is the best way to remove the energetic entanglements – astral and etheric weavings between people and past partners?

Some people swear by sea salt baths, smudging, visualisations and deliverance prayers. However, in my experience with clients, the complete release and closure take more effort, and insight. A lasting change is possible when energetic clearing goes hand in hand with a consciousness shift (integrative cognition). Especially if you split up in a dramatic or suboptimal way with heartbreak / anger / rage / sadness / jealousy – even if your Ex has been out of sight for years – you still carry unresolved negative imprints and binding cords from the troubled relationship. 

Here the 3 Steps to disengage and detach from your Ex.

1st: clear Emotional Entanglements:

  1. Get into a deep meditative state and ask to be shown which ex partner has priority to be cleared: Check who pops up first in front of your inner eye.
  2. Check for emotional charge and old resentments, because that is the glue that binds you together. 
  3. Acknowledge in your mind the positive things you had together, be grateful and make a statement such as: “I thank you for the beautiful experiences we shared. Now I give you back what’s yours, and take back what’s mine. Forgive me for the pain I may have caused you, as I forgive you for the pain you caused me. So we are both free and can move on into new good directions.” Breathe, relax, let go.

This can be done fairly quickly, and also might need to be done for more / all ex partners.

2nd: release Aura Attachments:

  1. Enter a deep meditative state and scan your body system from head to toe, or let your spirit self/ higher self show you instantly where the priority issues are.
  2. Check for energetic cords and consciously release them. Especially women should check their wombs for energetic threats. 
  3. Consider to work with a trusted energy practitioner who is detached from your personal story as well as experienced in seeing implants, hooks, curses, contracts, soul fragments or whatever else is present.

3rd: complete with Holistic Healing:

  1. Understand why relationship/s was/were formed in the first place and why it/they turned sour.
  2. Check if there are dysfunctional relationship patterns and clear the root cause.
  3. Aim at grasping the bigger picture: childhood trauma / parental imprints / ancestral loyalty / multidimensional interferences etc.

Releasing toxic ties can also be asked for when you feel overly attached to deceased loved ones, or parents, siblings, children, co-workers, a teacher or guru, groups and communities. 

Cord cutting as I practice it, is an amalgamation of spiritual healing, aura clearing, energy work, past life regression and soul retrieval.

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