Way through the Fear Tsunami


corona v and sun

corona virus (left) and plasma corona of our Sun (right)

“The word corona means crown. The scientists who in 1968 came up with the term coronavirus thought that, under a microscope, the virus they were looking at resembled a solar corona: the bright crown-like ring of gasses surrounding the sun that is visible during a solar eclipse. Though the disease currently spreading around the globe — COVID-19 — is often called coronavirus, it’s really a disease caused by one type of coronavirus: SARS-CoV-2. Calling this particular one novel coronavirus is simply a way of making it clear which coronavirus is at issue: the new one.”
 – Katy Steinmetz for Time, 09. March 2020

In view of what is happening on the planet right now, we have some reality options. Which paradigm are you in, which paradigm do you choose?

No doubt, this virus is to be taken seriously, and precautionary measures such as self-quarantine and avoiding mass gatherings make sense to slow down infections. Social responsibility takes over personal freedom. Short term pain but long term gain. 

Safeguarding is most welcome, but please not in panic mode

Fear and panic are low-frequency states that do not bring forth holistic solutions, rather tend to lead to reactivity such as flight, freeze or fight. Fear contracts us and prevents insights, intuition and the necessary consciousness shifts. 

I suggest to practice calm breathing, which is possible with just a little bit of gentle self-control. And if overwhelm or anxiety seem too strong, it is time to begin or continue inner healing work (trauma release, inner child integration, emotional healing, energetic clearing) and establish daily meditation, pranayama and yoga for body, mind, spirit alignment.

Consciousness Shifts & Return to Love

Looking at the larger context worldwide, what is taking place right now is not really a surprise, is it? It is a consequence and continuation of what was and still is. Corruption, perversions, inversions and hijack of truth, fragmentations, censorship and bias, an assortment of radiations, advanced technology not aligned with pure consciousness and conscience (check Kaliyug).

The situation on the planet is upheaval. But crisis is always a chance to awaken. Right now it is the opportunity to shift into new paradigms of how life can be lived, self-responsibly, self-empowered, free of bondage and slavery: home or remote schooling, work from home, families reunite, grow own fruit and veg, connect and unite in new ways with people, and animals, as well as gratitude for what is available and remembering what is really important in life.

Check at the symbolism: Corona around the sun means plasma, which means crystalline structures, which implies connecting to crystalline consciousness. The word virus has Latin roots, means venom and describes a tiny agent – and an agent is a force that produces a particular effect by its action. 

A new consciousness currency is birthed (crowning = second stage of childbirth) on Earth. New streams of energies and potentially also a new monetary flow (as the existing economic and financial systems take a dive, and maybe break down). 

So what is happening in terms of consciousness and energies is significant – there is a big, beautiful opening for Earth and its people.


The weather here in the Himalayas is crackling as if reflecting profound alchemical processes. Several people feel their bodies aching these days. Also my body is churning. Support yourself with micronutrients, extra minerals and vitamins. Fresh juices, supergreens and pulses.

What is happening over here in India?

Prime Minister Modi did a smart move by closing the borders and suspending tourist visas quickly. The Indian government was one of the first to stop entries of Chinese people. And check, India with more than a billion people has less than 80 infections. Italy has 15000.
The foreigners who live here and I have spoken to feel safe, much more protected than they would feel in their (Western) countries of origin.

Temples, yoga schools and ashrams as well as public schools are closed. Hotels and restaurants get checked for people who might have symptoms and need help. People wear mask which are available in pharmacies and supermarkets. From what I have seen, Indian people do care, luckily not in the Western panicky sort of way. 

I think it is important to recall that India ticks differently. This land is different than any other land on the planet. I do not only mean culturally. I mean in terms of consciousness. India’s vibe is special. Many truthseekers come here for exactly that reason. I did too, and stayed. 

You get a totally different frequency here than in Europe. Especially the region of the Himalayas is unmatched in terms of consciousness streams and spiritual power spots. This facilitates fresh, expanded perspectives on everything.

And if there is one thing that India can teach you, let it be this: FEAR NOTHING! 

crown chakra

My recommendation 

Do not enter any discussion with people who are holding mainly fear right now and who are in 3d consciousness. It is fruitless. I attempted to calm someone down yesterday – what came back to me was a self-righteous defence and hostility.

People’s reactions mirror the consciousness they are holding. Different timelines are unfolding. Good to stay in observer mode in view of the various paradigms held by the people.

Better connect with like-minded brothers and sisters. And keep your focus on being fear-free, expanded and creative. Know, that we can expand into new trajectories, and connect with Totality. With shiva consciousness., christ consciousness, pure or supreme consciousness.

That’s the frequency that truly vitalises, empowers and protects us. And helps us to make good choices.


4 thoughts on “Way through the Fear Tsunami

  1. Jay Petersen

    Great job! Thanks! I went to my regular Friday AA meeting and it was interesting to see most would not hold hands or hug but two folks who are high trajectory opted for love heart and we hugged….one friend told me as we hugged, I’d rather die hugging than not I replied, yes me too and we embraced!!! We laughed a lot at the meeting it was a great meeting. I am retired but work as a security guard for now at a small bank to help out my finances (and working on revision of my book A Comprehenive Guide To Intersex Jessica Kingsely Publisher London and Philly) and the consciousness is entirely different (also no plants all plastic and when I suggest otherwise it is like talking to a deaf and brick wall) so I walk outside as much as I can to watch a hummingbird or yellow flowers blooming and when I can I read my AA literature or Bible eastern Llamsa translation. It is bizarre watching Trump et al and trying to pay attention to being a watcher and not reactor as reacting is mood altering.


    1. Mina Post author

      Hello Jay, thanks for sharing some snippets from your life on the other side of the globe. Interesting times… Glad to hear that some people choose love and aliveness (hugging) over fear. Stay well!



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