20+ Corona Virus Perspectives

The Unconscious human: buys 50 rolls of toilet paper and waits in front of the TV for a ‘return back to normal’.

The Intellectual: I wonder how this is going to impact the economy.

The spiritual Intuitive: Corona means crown and indicates the opening of the crown chakra, and potential mass awakening.

The New-Age Medium: In this intense time of change and ascension, archangel Raphael guides us with the green healing light to transform all that which does not serve us anymore.

The Stand-up-Comedian: Corona-Virus goes well with Lyme-Disease.

The Integrated human: This just mirrors our collective fears.

The Starseed: The Arcturian council told me to keep my frequency high. 

The Depressed human: Finally I’m not the only one who is suffering.

The Illuminati: Our laboratories did well. We will depopulate the world. The remaining people get microchipped and become our slaves. 

The Heart-centred human: It simply got transferred to humans in Wuhan’s animal market. Let’s just spread more love. We are all one and love heals everything. 

The Opportunist: I’m gonna open a shop and sell masks. 

The Conspiracy Theorist: It’s all because of G5 radiation. And with the activation of chemtrail particles the A.I. apocalypse is near. Also a huge Asteroid is going to hit Earth.

The Truther: This was planned before. In several annual Global Pandemic Exercises organised by the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Naturopath: Everything will be fine. Take those herbs to stay protected. 

The Optimist: This is just making us aware of our problems which need solutions. God does not give us any problem we cannot solve.  

The Atheist: I do not believe any of this. The tests are not correct anyway. 

The Christian: Jesus is our saviour and going to rescue us.

The Western human: We have to bring the enemy under control with army deployment, travel bans, social bans, shop closures, event cancellations, forced health checks and compulsory vaccinations! 

The Buddhist: Everything that happens has its roots not only in this life but also in previous existences. Unfold your spirit, to step out of the cycle of death and rebirth. 

The Yogi: The material world and our bodies are impermanent, do not cling to illusions. Observe, practice equanimity, right thoughts and deeds to avoid karma and to experience divine unity. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om. 

Me: Fact is there is no consensus about our reality.

thanks to Alex Buta for inspiring me to expand on his list

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