Poem: Incorruptible Spirit

Incorruptible Spirit

People are so attached to their bodies.
Unknowingly selling their soul.

But it is the soul we have to protect at all costs.
Make no mistake, this is the goal.

Let go of all costumes and glittering goodies.
Our souls are the keys and have unique melodies.

If you shed the body, soul moves on, stays alive.
Remember, your spirit will always survive
If you sell your soul, the body is a walking dead shell.
This is the truth, allow it to break the spell.

So much on Earth got corrupted and reversed.
Sacred knowledge and worldly doings, cursed
and coerced.

Prioritise heart, soul and spirit, keep holding that space.
Embody your true nature, connect with cosmos and Earth.
Then everything physical is taken care of, falls into place.
Naturally, optimally, orchestrated by grace.

Release all wrong spins, fears and illusions.
Reverse the inversions.
Return the original. Essence, free of intrusions.

Bodies are fleeting, can be taken anytime.
Conscious isness and love remain. Are eternal and prime. 

by Marina, April 2020

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