No time to lose

It is time to stop beating around the bush, pretending that all will be well, glorious and golden on this planet soon. When in reality, hardly anybody is willing to courageously face own shadows, blind spots, fear filters, dependencies and relationship dysfunctions.

99% of humans are deeply fragmented on soul level. Their perception of themselves and the world around them is therefore distorted. And most won’t even be aware of it.

To realise that governments around the globe have not necessarily people’s interest in mind, and cognising that things that were once sacred got badly corrupted, hijacked and reversed over thousands of years, is just the beginning of awakening into the reality of life in general. 

The below overview can be sobering or shocking for those who believe that a little bit of energy healing here or a tantra workshop there will hold the key to liberation and self-realisation. Singing Kumbaya Mylord, chanting Om Nama Shivaya, perfecting advanced Yoga Asanas, following a guru or believing optimistic Ascension Channelings won’t cut it either. After all, 5D is just a slight elevation in the matrix, it is nowhere near pure cosmic consciousness. And yes, heart centredness is wonderful and important, but discernment is needed too.

If people want lasting vitality, happiness and fullfillment, they have to get started with bringing order to their OWN LIVES. Starting with self-awareness and a clear-headed, honest review of their childhood. Most likely followed by the painful realisation that not everything during their formative years was pretty – neither mum’s and dad’s behaviour, nor the school education system. When you were little, who truly paid attention to your needs and your unique gifts and talents? Who has truly seen you, who has truly listened to you, truly supported you, loved you unconditionally? 

Most of spirituality is corrupted and people better let go of all spiritual crutches (perceived authorities, tools, teachings) and special effects (feelings of excited bliss, cute love n light fluffiness or ego boosting occult powers) if they want to be anchored in integrity and live optimally connected to their own selves, nature and the cosmos.

Supporting wheels are fine when we learn how to drive a bicycle, but at some point we have to let go of them, if we want to gather pace and cycle properly. Equally, taking outer guides for a limited period and as inspiration is fine. But sooner or later we have to become sovereign and self-empowered.

Healing, repair and rehabilitation of our bodies and souls are possible, but it takes tenacity, observation and self-compassion to shed all that is false, close all that is incomplete and re-member one’s true essence. It is not done via an intellectual decision, but through a courageous holistic process that allows organic alignment of the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual body layers (see Koshas).

And it takes time. Simply because muscle and cellular memory need clearing and the nervous and gland systems require harmonisation before high frequencies can be permanently and safely embodied.

I may sound angry, but I am not. I’m just tired of the bs that gets circulated, repeatedly copied and pasted. Tired of the widespread denial as far as the worrisome state of humanity is concerned. And how what is perceived as “dark” gets ignored even, or rather especially, in the communities of yogis, healers and therapists. 

And as far as transhumanism is concerned, most humans have not even maxed out what is naturally possible, and yet look for biotechnological aids to become healthier, smarter, faster and more productive. Have not began to fully grasp their unique inherent skills and talents, and yet usher in ai to ‚improve themselves‘. 

But people better make no quick decisions. Getting to know their true individual selves with the help of technology is not going to work. ai is an irreversible ‘support‘, a glamorous soul trap. Once connected with you, injected or implanted in your body, ai will be in your system forever. And you will never know who you truly are in all your purity and wholeness. Won’t be able to track back and know what your original capacities were. You will end up as remote-controlled shell. Your unique soul essence will get consumed, untraceable for yourself.

As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing more urgent and important than the re-membering of your spirit and soul signature – and the protection of your true organic self. Don’t hold onto your finite physical body, but hold onto your soul and spirit, your integrity, come what may.

PotentIal Soul Coverings

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