Calling upon the Divine Masculine

aNo man will ever be complete without his Divine Feminine aspects. And no woman will ever be complete without her Divine Masculine. Both principles and energies must be embodied to be truly whole and self-empowered.

Ardhanārīśwara (image below) symbolises the resolution of the seeming paradox of opposites, and brings both into unity. Not by negation of one or the other, but by integration and synergy.

A man, fully embracing his masculinity and femininity fears nothing – not death, not his shadow aspects and not his natural powers. He embodies integrity and courage to serve Truth. He is the warrior who carries a sword, and can dance. And he can offer the greatest gift to his woman: his soul-filled presence and vulnerability.

Only then can the woman offer her greatest gift to him: her precious, pure heart and magical spirit, which she had to guard because of all the deceptions she experienced in the past. A woman, fully embracing her femininity and masculinity is confident in her wisdom, love, and boundaries. She is a creatrice, healer and nurturer, receiving abundantly from the cosmos.

Over the past years, there has been a lot of focus on the Divine Feminine. Sadly, the divine feminine movement can be a distraction and bypass, that prevents people, men and women, from consciously embodying the Divine Masculine. 

Prevents them from igniting the courage to do what is right: asserting healthy boundaries, affirming actions that serve truth, love and life, and implementing what they learned through inner shadow work and self-healing.

Our ability to “confrontation with integrity” is indeed needed if we come across violation of our human and constitutional rights, discrepancies, incoherences, contradictions, the false and fake.

Oftentimes, our next important, crucial step in life tends to be one that requires courage. And there is no alternative to this step, no freedom of choice, if we want to evolve aligned with our soul and spirit, in divine order.

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