Good Fighters need to be good Dancers

“Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance.” – Confucius

How someone is conceived, carried, birthed and brought up effects their entire life.

Every traumatic experience in those significant formative years leaves deep imprints in the individual’s psyche, body memory and soul – therewith injuring their connection with themselves and the cosmos, preventing and (self-) sabotaging healthy beliefs, clear perception and harmonious behaviours.

Unconscious conception, traumatic birth andevery form of childhood abuse result in inner fragmentations and therewith far-reaching implications for individuals, and our society.

As long as their wounds remain ignored, forgotten and unhealed, traumatised people establish dysfunctional relationship patterns with the world around them. Worst cases: despotism, tyranny and psychopathy. 

Add to this an assortment of astral and etheric attachments and influences, because this is what is typically happening to their fragmented bodyfield.

Stubbornness, overconfidence, control addiction, recklessness, entitlement or mental absence of  “children in adult bodies” can be irritating, draining and at times heartbreaking. If they play on a world stage, unavoidably in the economic and political arena, it is downright dangerous, even deadly.

Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance” by Confuzius, means that people must not be given swords before they’ve learned to appreciate their aliveness, as well as life in every other being, animal and element. People must not be given swords before they’ve learned to dance to life’s music, learned to hear and trust the flow of their own intuition, which is only possible once a minimum level of soulfield integrity has been established. A man given a sword prematurely cannot be trusted to make choices that serve love and life. He is as dangerous as a blind and deaf man with a blade of death in his hands.

The consequences of having not only unhealed but also possessed individuals in power positions can be observed right now in our society and on global stage. The lack of depth, integrity and transparency as well as the deliberate misleading of people are astounding and grotesk.

We have a group of deeply fragmented decision makers influencing our lives. And the international leadership league needs revision. However, if a large part of the population is just as unhealed and fragmented, this will not be recognised and also not be demanded.

Whether in leadership position or in the streets, I want individuals who have done their inner homework and have their house in order. Who acknowledge the preciousness of life in every being, river, rock and element. Who are whole (healed and completed in their male and female aspects), coherent and incorruptible.

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