Stop Spiritual Tiptoeing

It is interesting to observe “spiritual tiptoeing“. People who avoid confrontation at all cost, excuse destructive behaviour of others and are extremely accommodating. I can‘t help but notice the tendency in spiritualists to avoid calling a spade a spade, avoid judging someone‘s wrong actions and asserting healthy boundaries.

But our ability to “confront with integrity” is needed if we come across someone who is abusive in speech and action, who ignores agreements and acts out of disrespect, deceit or haughtiness. It is not pious to excuse ignorant behaviour with the concept of oneness and eternal understanding, thereby constantly compromising reasonable boundaries and ethics. And neither is it wise, because it furthers the other person‘s sloppiness, addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility or under-achievement.

Focusing on the good potential in another (note: ‘potential’ always refers to the future, never to what really present now), combined with the attitude of love‘n light fluffiness is exactly how the excusers and reality deniers will remain codependent and people pleasing (opportunistic).

Sometimes there is simply no way to avoid upsetting someone or holding people accountable.

In social media communities it tends to be easier to get people‘s likes when posting pleasantries instead of statements that reflect critical thinking. But the time is over for creating a sense of identity based on other’s concepts, expectations and approvals. It‘s simply not sustainable. Especially in view of the current critical situation on the planet, we are called to re-member our true selves and straighten our spines.

It might not be all pretty what we discover on the journey to ourselves. Blind spots et all. We might also rock the boat and upset others if we begin to shift and unfold our true natural selves.

That‘s ok. We breathe, stay kind and continue anyway. Embodying more and more of our original essence. Well-grounded, heart-centred and with discernment.

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