So much Yoga, so little Samadhi

In The Yoga Sutras, the sage Patanjali introduces a systematic path to (re-)gain higher consciousness. This has since been called the Royal Path, Raja Yoga (or Kriya Yoga), with techniques and lifestyle guidelines to awaken us individually to our true selves. 

Patanjali provides a set of instructions known as the Eight Limbs of Yoga, to lead the practitioner to the ultimate state of freedom, liberation and self-awareness – in short, to Samadhi. Or enlightenment.

Recently someone asked: Nowadays, millions walk the path of Yoga, why only a few reach Samadhi and Kaivalya? 

Because of spiritual bypassing.

When the real inner work gets avoided: confronting unresolved emotional wounds, tantrum-like reactivity due to imprints of traumata accumulated over lifetimes. Releasing what is not truly ours, and re-membering what is original.

If we do not self-heal, consolidate fragmentations and clear inner clutter, no way we can embody and hold high frequencies and integrity.

Other than that, those who experience / live samadhi, will most likely not post on social media.

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