Ladies and Gentlemen, heal!

As it is unfolding now, and it can be witnessed everywhere, men and women have started to re-member their original essence, reactivate their codes and balance their masculine / feminine aspects, heal their bodies and souls, revise their perceptions about themselves and life, and step out of concepts and conventions.

Limiting patterns and programs had their grip on women and men. Control issues, power games, servant / tyrant and victim / victimiser archetypes have been part of the social architecture across generations. Men and women were enmeshed, entrapped and enslaved in the sticky web of misleading and parasitic dynamics.

As far as women are concerned, they have been under some sort of spell for far too long. Far too long have they been tolerating fragmented and emotionally illiterate male partners, have they been objectifying themselves (and men), far too long have they been in denial of their emotional wounds and emotional needs, were in amnesia about their true selves and healthy boundaries. 

Equally, men have been under some spell for far too long. Far too long have they been tolerating tyrannical authorities, far too long have they been sacrificing themselves (as well as their intimate relationships, spouses and children), far too long have they been in denial of their grief and needs, were in amnesia about their true selves and healthy boundaries. 

Nobody is to blame though. I would call for compassion for both, men and women, as both have been mislead, manipulated and abused over thousands of years. Reality has been inverted and reversed, original life-affirming streams turned inside out and upside down.

Healing is required on a massive scale. Innocence, creativity, dignity and completion are to be recalled. And healing will come naturally from the spell being broken, when some of the ugliest institutions holding the spell come down.

Liberation requires individuals also to let go of dysfunctional, even if comfortable and addictive, behaviour patterns. And to let go of conventions.

Women and their tendency to please and fawn. Helping without being asked, interfering by holding a princess / nurse / saviour / martyr archetype. Pushing and trying to change their man, instead of letting him choose his own path of liberation and purpose.

Men and their tendency to freeze or flight, when confronted or something is off. With archetypes of the eternal acquiescing boy and immature entitled prince. Being absent and unavailable, physically, energetically, mentally and emotionally. Contributing just the bare minimum to a relationship.

Trauma-informed Healing and holistic Mentoring is crucial and key, if we want to evolve as society. On both sides, in men and women, we have the abused, dissociated and fragmented, silenced and yet tantrum throwing, grieving inner children who just wait to be acknowledged and re-integrated.

How to get out of this labyrinth, out of the programmings and entanglements? You can not change the other, but you can observe and help yourself to remember who you really are, and what you really need. With your newly expanded self-awareness, you can practice new communication and new choices, and eventually your outer world will reflect the new evolved, matured and refined You.

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