Healthy people do not need…

tp“so-called toilet paper is an acquisition for sick humanity” – Louis Kuehne

“.. the entire human body is a united whole, so that sickness in one part must have an influence on the other parts. (…) A body can therefore be healthy only when all its parts are in their normal condition and perform their work without pain, pressure or tension. (…) Good digestion is a sign of good health, and when it continues in perfect operation day after day, the body is undoubtedly quite healthy. (…) Pardon my further elucidating this delicate matter,

but when speaking of health and sickness, everything must be called by its right name. So-called toilet paper is an acquisition for sick humanity; perfectly healthy people do not in reality need such. Do not mistake me; I do not mean that anyone who is not in a really sound health should imagine that by his rejecting this resource of civilisation he has achieved some wonderful victory! On the contrary, it is just for such unhealthy persons that it is necessary, so that cleanliness may be maintained. Now, from his digestion everyone can easily learn whether he is healthy or not. The test alluded to is a highly important one, and I do not hesitate to assert this positively, undisturbed by the mockery of sceptics. (…) Disease is the presence of foreign matter in the system. (…) There are two passages through which matter can be introduced into the body – by the nose into the lungs, and by the mouth into the stomach. (…) All excess is poison to the body. We must never forget that everything we put into the stomach has to be digested. Even a healthy stomach can really digest only a certain quantity of food. Anything beyond this, is poison for it, and if not excreted goes to form foreign matter in the body. (…) All disease is the result of a Contagium Vivum or a Materies Morbi, a fermentation of poisonous matters that were not eliminated from the system.”

– Louis Kuehne (1835 – 1901), German Naturopath well known for his cold water hydrotherapy and detox & healing methods (extracts from the book “New Science of Healing, or the Doctrine of the Unity of Diseases”)

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