And suddenly it’s Autumn

Suddenly it’s autumn.

And you may realise that nobody is going to give you back the time and space when you were locked-down and quarantined. Six months and almost three seasons are gone.

You may have sat at home shocked and puzzled, frozen, or fawning to what the TV kept announcing.

You may have started a quest for truth and due diligence – researching and learning about your body, immune system, politics, economy, pharma and media influences.

You may have used the unexpected confinement to shift your focus from the outside world to your inner world. Went inside and explored the freedom you have within. Gaining new self-awareness and insights. Similar to a seed that rests in the deeper soil until it germinates, and fresh growth begins. Potential for a tree, a flower, fruit or blade of grass.

As the water streams down the riverbed and can not be seen and touched again, so have those months passed by for good. There is no returning back to what was. You can only continue living from where you are now.

And where are you in your life right now?

You may wonder What am I supposed to do? What is life really about? Why is the world in such a chaotic state? Why can’t peace be maintained and our natural well-being be re-installed? The basics of human rights, the basics of human life be sustained everywhere? What does god have to do with this? Where is paradise?

When did humanity ever live peacefully and paradisian?

You hold memories of joyful, cooperative and creative living. Freedom and flow. Don‘t you? Most of us do. Not from this lifetime, however. The original paradise was a reality a long long time ago.

Close your eyes and tap into those memories of heaven on earth. Anchor yourself in the qualities and energies that are connected to a way of living, when all beings and elements are balanced and aligned with divine order.

How does it feel? How does your body feel in this alignment? How does you heart feel? Your mind? Your soul?


Breathe in the sweetness and potency of paradise. With every inhale allow yourself to re-member all that you are. Activate all your codes. Recall your true beingness. Isness beyond all material aspects, all psychological and esoteric concepts. Beyond all attachments and contracts, borders and regulations. True freedom anchored in the integrity and incorruptibility of your divine spirit.

Fine-tune your inner perception antennae.

Can you remember? You are whole! You are complete! You are free!

Can you see how your consciousness and energies are not bound by your physical body, but can expand much further? Roam your memories of paradise! Allow your awareness to surf on the waves of your breath into highest dimensions.

Explore. And feel how life unfolds itself naturally. Sense it, see it, hear it within yourself. Trust your perception.

You are unique. What streams through you, does not stream through anybody else. And through our individual embodiments life expresses itself. Benevolently, genuinely and gracefully.

Remember your love relationship with existence, the pure energies of supreme source and divine consciousness. This highest intelligence that holds all aliveness and originality, it is here, in you. And in its vortex you are protected and guided.

If you recall this now, or have recalled it already in the past, you are liberated in heart and spirit. Don’t let material manifestations and temptations trap your life-force, divert your attention and hijack your soul. Your trajectory is divine living. Reclaim and own your original essence!

Love yourself enough to let go of all that is false. Be a soul-filled lighthouse. And maybe inspire others while shining your gifts and strengths. Effortlessly.

Choose to step into your true self. Now.

Before the winter comes.

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