10 Truly Important Questions…

These questions will become more and more relevant in the months ahead, IF you value your sovereignty, self-empowerment – and in the end also your integrity.

1_Do you know how to start a fire without fuel and keep your house warm without a radiator?

2_Do you know how to collect and filter water found in nature?

3_Do you know the seasons for harvesting and when to sow seeds for vegetables, herbs, wheat and fruit?

4_Do you know how to cook and have light in the house when there is no electricity?

5_Do you know how to wash clothes without a washing machine?

6_Do you know how to move and transport things when there are no motorised vehicles and fuel?

7_Do you know how to communicate with your loved ones and other people when you don’t have your mobile phone, laptop and internet?

8_Do you know how to heal when you don’t have access to a doctor?

9_Do you know your inherent skills and gifts, do you know who you are when you have no equipment, just your bare hands, heart, mind, energy and consciousness?

10_Do you know how to live naturally, organically and in sync with planet Earth and the cosmos?

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