Clear Emotional Charge & Autopilot Reactivity

Removing Obstacles while unfolding into our True Divine Selves

When people, things or situations trigger us emotionally – and this means we get uncontrollably irritated, upset, angry, jealous, helpless, guilty, quiet and withdrawn, overpleasing, stroppy or sulk – it is a sign for wounds that are hidden within us and that we have been carrying for a long time since our childhood and formative years, and most likely even as past life carry overs. 

Every emotional charge or psychological check-out is a signal that tells us we have a fragmentation or blockage in our system. And our fight, flight, freeze or fawn reaction is an old compensation strategy to cover up the original pain and shock.

So we can see our autopilot reactivity as an opportunity to heal. Each emotional trigger offers an invitation to go to the actual root cause, and transform and find closure with the topic or trauma at hand. It just requires our willingness to selfresponsibly face our icky feelings and long forgotten burried deep grief. 

A clear confirmation for a successful, permanent healing within us is this: if we come across a familiar old trigger and stay calm – physically, biochemically, emotionally and mentally. When we have ‚miraculously‘ shifted from unconscious reacting to conscious responding, or just remain in serene observation.

In this day and age, no one is free from trauma, misunderstandings, limited identifications and suboptimal manifestations. Parents, ancestors and authorities, society and collective imprints are key influencers and confusers in our lives. And the implications are huge, for each person, as well as society at large.

This means, for people to live peacefully and harmoniously with each other on this planet, every individual is required to do their inner homework, the healing and clearing. 

The only way out is the way in – into your self. There is no way around our inner clearing and maintenance work because each one of us can only re-establish their own antennae for completion and communion with their unique divine essence. Nobody can do it for another. 

Regular stillness meditation to calm the nervous system down and increase self-awareness, holistic soul healing and energetic alignment, integrative bodywork as well as comprehensive detox (body, home, relationships), wholesome sattvic food and time in nature have proven to be a very effective combination.

The real path of yoga is about the union with our selves. It is about a our committed search for truth and deep dive within. It is about our courage to uncover all false programmes in us, to reject all distractions around us and to remain uncorruptable.

This stands in contrast to the popular approach of consumption of external resources – spiritual teachings, tools or workshops – and a focus on some mighty external power, a guru or magic-performing entity out there ‘high up‘. 

Once we have a critical mass of individuals on the planet that have reconnected to their authentic nature and inner divine guidance, life on Earth will blossom and flow for every being in the most beautiful way – naturally, joyfully and gracefuly. 

But we need a critical mass. And it is urgent. 

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