Conversation: Lockdown – Humanity’s Chance to Awaken to the Soul & Spirit

I just had a spontaneous conversation with my professor for Clinical Hypnosis, Dr. Yogesh Choudhary. He is 70+ and has a wealth of wisdom to share. Below the audio recording. We talk about the global lockdown, its opportunities, dangers and damages, about life, death, love, Earth as well as energetic and spiritual aspects in the current context.

Topics covered: – state of humanity & Earth – material vs spiritual aspects of life– greed & consumerism – lethargy & restlessness (tamas / rajas) – interferences with nature & dangers of playing god – lockdown as opportunity to look within & realise what is important – awaken to the reality of the soul – free will choice of humans – decision makers & abuse of power – bias & lack of information in msm – the need for introspection – inner voice & intuition – nature might have to resort to bring back order – biggest spiritual event in India 2021 – how to transform fear – power of fear of death – power of love – diseases & energies not conducive to love – today’s anti-spiritual education – when elders don’t display fearlessness, effects on children & society – the subtle body beyond the physical – what remains when you die

Audio recording of our conversation (52 mins.) – best to listen to it with headphones:

“We are giving more importance to the physicality of life. Not the spirituality of life. So if this pandemic was forced upon us by the powers that be, if over a period of time, maybe six months or a year, people can awaken to the reality of the soul, then it will be beneficial. I wish everybody that they awaken. The main thing of this pandemic is that they awaken. The first stage of awakening is, can they somewhere trigger themselves to see that we are meant for more than what we feel we are. It’s much more than that. We are a soul. We’ve got a body, but we’ve got to ascend to a higher dimension than from where we came.” – Dr. Yogesh Choudhary

“Greed is the major energy which has captured nearly 98% of the people. We are in the grip of greed.” – Dr. Yogesh Choudhary

“If the parents are afraid and they are depicting fear in the house, it is going to affect the child. I don‘t know what tendencies we are going to leave behind. The elders don’t display fearlessness. Take precaution but don‘t be so fearful.” – Dr. Yogesh Choudhary

“How do you tune into your inner knowing? How can you trust your own voice? This is also nothing that gets trained in education. So people might feel something is off, but how can they learn to really trust their inner voice and intuition? How can that connection to the true communication channel, which is the higher self or the divine, how can that be established, is another big question.” – Marina

“If we don’t gain momentum of individuals that are woke and really make decisions for the organic way of living, then Earth does not end up in a good space.” – Marina

Transcript of our conversation:

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