What now…? …

…as the “agenda” is obviously getting rolled out as planned?

✨1.) Let’s stay calm and in the present moment, but let’s also stay informed to make optimal choices.

✨2.) Practice self-mastery and neutralise all emotional charge and discomfort in the light of loving awareness and equanimity.

✨3.) Invoke divine order and the optimal timeline for natural, original, joy- and soulful conscious living. 💎

✨4.) Let’s continue with our spiritual practice / sadhana and create spiritual warmth within and around us. Alchemising powers united! 🔥

✨5.) Connect to supreme source directly, without any mediators. You are buddha, an awakened one. Buddha is not a name, it’s a quality of an individual.

✨6.) Do not waste any energy on people who are not interested in truth. Do not allow them to trigger and provoke you into impulsive reactivity. Do not create a single new misery for yourself.

✨7.) Breathe. Spend time in nature. Connect to the elements and the cosmos. 💜

✨8.) Simplify your life. Unclutter your inner and outer space. Detach from all that is unnecessary or weighing you down. Papers, people, places, concepts, stories and situations. 🌊

✨9.) Self-care well. Listen to your intuition. And take one step at a time.

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