Don’t fall for Future Fakers

Good time to do a reality check. To stop focusing on the potential of society, politics or the world, and instead look at what is. The following three examples illustrate how people can be put under the spell of “future faking” and made to believe in “salvation”. The spell casting can happen when charismatic individuals or parties make promises of a better future. But these visions of the future have two things in common. 1. they never manifest and 2. they keep people hooked, hopeful, waiting and disempowered.

All through 2020, popular psychics have been affirming “This is how shifting the human collective looks like. It is Earth’s ascension. Hang in there, even if it does not yet get reflected on the outside.” (referring to corruption, lock-downs, chaos etc.).

Many people have been hooked by cultlike initiatives that asked to “trust the plan”, and promised great changes ahead.

Also during political elections, people are made to believe that the new political chief will be the bringer of a glorious new era.

Sadly in this day and age, all of humanity is still under the influence of patriarchs and narcissists. And one of a narcissist’s main characteristics is to promise to fulfill your dreams, get you what you desire and tell you what you want to hear so you do what they want you to do: commit to them, obey and stay quiet, focus on the outside instead on yourself and your self-awareness, make compromises and sacrifices – invest your life into them and the “ideal future”. Which of course, will never come.

A promise can be seducing and may sound valuable but it is the oldest technique in the narcissistic tool box to create illusions, trap you and get your gifts – be it your attention, time, thoughts, energy, skills, your money, material goods, or your soul. All benefits go to the narcissist or patriarch. Promises are made but not followed by actual actions on the promises.

Mind you, this tool is not only held by men. Women are also entrapped in the patriarchial web, just that their instruments and expressions might vary. Future Faking is part of the current social architecture on the planet and includes greed, power hunger, manipulation, deception, mind control and enslavement.

In essence, it is parasitism and it suppresses people’s most important evolution: spiritual unfoldment and self-empowerment.

Please check and release any saviour / martyr programming you might carry. Be solution-oriented and take response-ability of your self and your life. What do you want? Create it. What do you not want? Release it. If you keep waiting and giving, yet keep remaining stuck and get nothing back, it is time to cut your losses, detach and move on.

With a real shift of consciousness also changes in the outside world take place, naturally and automatically. At times even instantly.

During the current worldwide upheaval, I recommend daily meditation to become balanced, gain clarity and stay cosmically empowered.

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