Death is not the Issue

We will all die, with or without virus, with or without medicine. Death is guaranteed and not the issue. But how do we look at death that is what matters. And how free we are when shedding this body. While we take precautions to maintain our health in these times of global upheaval, paranoia does not serve. Fear is to be nipped in the bud, or if it spins on a loop properly transformed. Mind you, love n light over-optimism is a distortion too.

Clearing is required of our physical and subtle bodies at this time. Because the more subtle lifeforce energy flows through us, the more immune we are against all sorts of fears, challenges and attacks, be they be physical or metaphysical in nature.

Pranayama is super important. Daily conscious breathing practice for physical health (including lung function, blood pressure, nervous system and brain function) but also to enhance mental clarity and emotional balance.

Fear contracts our entire beingness, restricts our breath and therewith skews our body’s biochemistry, and perception of ourselves and the world around us.

Detox is key too. And I mean detox on all levels of our life: Clearing our Home space (unclutter etc) and relationships (close open issues, forgive etc), our Physical body (toxins, heavy metals, parasites) as well as our Mental, Emotional and Energy bodies…

In Germany we have the saying “The last shirt has no pockets.” It means that we cannot take any material things with us upon death. According to ancient Indian philosophy and yogic science, what we can keep with us though is our soul evolution and how we unfolded spiritually in this life. Hence self-realisation and liberation (moksh) is seen as the ultimate goal.

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