India | What’s going on?!

Friends tell me of their parents who fall sick, neighbours die, clients call me, desperate to get healing for their loved ones. NOT because they got the Virus. But because they got the Vaccine. Lots of people weaken, fall seriously sick or drop dead shortly after the shots. This happens amongst friends and family as well as famous public figures. 

Although so many are witnessing this, there is zero media coverage. All we hear via msm that covid cases are on a steep rise. A statement that is not only too vague but also misleading. National and international news all ignore the vaccine’s side effects. No one talks about the elephant in the room.

Since the beginning of the pandemic last year I have been researching, studying and diving deeper into topics such as human health, immunology, allopathic and alternative medicine, political agendas etc. I checked medical papers, mainstream media and alternative channels, spoke to men and women, and observed… Given my background as consultant in the corporate world I know a thing or two about researching a topic and collecting relevant data for analysis. And I also have pretty sharp antennae to filter information – grasp the gist and detect the relevant from irrelevant.

In this post I share some of my findings. However, I leave all interpretations up to you, dear reader.


Just to be clear, I am neither pro vaccine, nor anti vaccine. I am simply for transparency and informed decision. And I am against bullying humans into decisions they might later regret (you may check Nuremberg Code and Inalienable Rights of Humans for guidance).

Some people will be fine with the covid vaccine, but others won‘t. Truth is that you can not force the same medicine and drug on everyone. Similarly, you can‘t force the same food / environment / lifestyle on everybody. We are all different. In terms of genetics, upbringing, healthrecord, body memory, looks, perception, energetics, consciousness and karma.

Note that the injectable medicines that are being rolled out worldwide right now, have not necessarily been approved by the relevant authorities. For example PfizerBioNTech is still an „investigational drug“, and there exists an „emergency use authorization“ although „its saftety and efficacy have not been established“. This is openly communicated on their website. The Indian government gave emergency approvals to trial vaccines too, homemade and foreign ones.

And fact is, that pharma companies are not liable in case you experience severe side effects or injuries from the jabs. You cannot sue them for compensation.

In 2020 I did not know a single person who died of Corona, and only a couple of friends had fallen sick with corona symptoms. Now this year, as the vaccination drive began, people drop dead and get sick everywhere, in big cities and tiny villages. In my life and environment, I observed that the amount of people who got sick and / or died shortly after receiving the covid vaccine in the past two months, is higher than the amount of people who got sick or died from the actual virus in the past twelve months.

A few examples from friends and family:

  1. My friend‘s mother is based in Mumbai. She was just over 60, fit and healthy when she got the Indian vaccination. Shortly after her 2nd injection she fell sick. With Corona. Dizziness, weakness, pneumonia and heart issues. She had to stay 10 days in hospital and barely made it.  But not only that, she was the first in the family who got Corona and seemed to have infected her entire family – her sister and her caretaker plus their famlies. The mother’s house doctor explained her reaction as “normal signs that the vaccine works”…
    My friend‘s mum got Covishield (developed by Oxford University in collaboration with pharma major Astrazeneca and India’s Serum Institute as their manufacturing and trial partner). Covishield or AZD-1222, casually referred to the as “Poonawalla” vaccine, makes use of a viral vector made using a “weakened strain of the common cold virus (adenovirus), which contains genetic material similar to that of SARS-COV-2. Upon administration, the body’s defences recognize the spike protein and prepare antibodies to evade out the infection”.
    Anyway, an important question is whether vaccinated people become superspreaders? Upon a little research, I found the following.
    “People who are vaccinated and fail to understand that they can still be carriers of the virus pose an immediate threat to the unvaccinated.“ And vaccinated populations must continue to act under the assumption that they can spread the virus to others. (…) we need to continue studying how antibody levels in saliva and blood compare for vaccinated populations and how this impacts the potential for viral transmission.“
    – Rushabh Doshi, physician and researcher

  2. A client calls me, desperate to get healing for her father. He is in a Delhi hospital and was diagnosed with Corona. The first question I asked: “Did he get the vaccine?” She: “Yes.” He is 62, has mild diabetes, got the second shot on 26. March and fell sick on the 8. April. The past 10 days he has been in hospital on a mini ventilator. Her mother, 55 and healthy, got sick after her first vaccination. She has been using an oxygen regulator since then.
    While she received Covishield, he had received Covaxin, India’s first indigenous covid vaccine, developed by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research and National Institute of Virology. “Covaxin uses an inactive version of the virus. It inactivates the virus’s ability to replicate but sustains its life so that the immune system could mount a sufficient response when it comes in contact or recognizes an attack on the body.” 
    Father’s symptoms: sleepy, dizzy, tired, feverish, proper fever. Positive covid test. Status: at hospital, serious, deteriorating, not recovering. Mother: sore throat, cold, lost senses of taste and smell, recovered at home. *)
  3. A neighbour, 50 plus, was fit and healthy. All his life he got up around 5am to attend his fields and animals (we live in the countryside of Northern India). After the first vaccination he was not even able to wake up with the sunrise. He felt heavy, exhausted and lifeless. Had difficulties to keep himself up and walk. Needless to say, he is not considering to get the second shot. And he warned all neighbours, friends and families.

Research Findings

1.) The common infections such as Typhoid, Dengue, JE and Chikungunya in India seem to have dropped since Corona. Just look at the statistics covering the years 2017 to 2020: a major decrease of cases and deaths in 2020. Influenza and TB have massively dropped – due to ”reduced monitoring” and ”decreased activity”. Seriously, these diseases passed unnoticed in 2020? What is going on? Also this year, doctors tend to not check people for the traditional infections.
Similar situation in Europe, where the Flu dropped 99,8%. Over there, they praise the social distancing measures for the decrease. But where is the logic in this? Strict public health measures help to reduce Influenza but not Corona?

2.) Big misunderstanding amongst the majority of people: “case” does NOT equal “infection”. Case only means that genetic material of the virus is present. Most people do not understand this.
The PCR Test is super sensitive and detects even harmless genetic material of corona if the cycle threshold (ct) is just high enough (traces may come from previous vaccinations, other infections, or test contamination).
The PCR test amplifies genetic matter from the virus in cycles, called cycle threshold (ct). Neither the doctors nor the patients know the test‘s spin rate (ct value), and it is also not mentioned in the test report. Probably a good idea if people who get tested demand information about the ct of their specimen check.
A note on contagiousness: The number of amplification cycles could tell doctors how infectious the patients are: The fewer cycles required, the greater the amount of virus in the sample. And the greater the viral load, the more likely the patient is to be contagious. Positive test results with a high threshold (ct above 35) only indicate the detection of genetic virus fragments, leftovers that pose no real risk. 
(Ref. for example: )

3.) With the launch of the Covid Vaccines in India, the number of sicknesses and deaths shot up. Since March I keep hearing from everywhere that people fall sick, or die. Cases are mostly labelled as Corona / Covid, no mention of the vaccines’ adverse effects. The media only talks about Covid cases, and completely ignores the link between spike of sick people and vaccine start. Covid vaccines were launched on 16th January 2021. 2nd phase vaccinations started 1st March 2021. “Cases“ went up shortly after and spiked from beginning of April.
„It‘s is very very likely that mass vaccination, which was enhancing the development of more infectious variants, is contributing to the steep increase in the disease rate in India.“ – Geert Vanden Bossche PhD, Virologist, Vaccine Developer & Researcher
He explains that higher infection rates occur when infectious variants get circulated, or variants get generated, which is what mass vaccinations are doing. Which contributes to a substantial erosion of innate immunity of previously protected people, who then become part of the wave. Another big question in this context: Why are so many patients put on a ventilator now, when that was the worst thing doctors could do last year?

4.) What could be the reason for the vaccines’ devastating effects? Potentially the Cytokine Storm response, a self-attacking autoimmune reaction. High levels of immune system proteins are called cytokines. Scientists believe these cytokines are evidence of an immune response called a Cytokine Storm, where the body starts to attack its own cells and tissues. (ref. )

But what are autoimmune reactions? And why are anti parasitical drugs working (Ivermectin)? Couldn‘t this be a sign for existing toxicity due to parasites? And that the additional toxic blasts via the vaccines trigger autoimmune responses that overwhelm the bodies? So many aspects of our current lifestyle and environments are a burden to our human nature.
Whether on physical level (pollution, aluminum, heavy metals, radiation, gmo food, processed food such white sugar, white flour, white rice, and fast food, that all propagate fermentation and therewith candida, fungi and parasites), or on energetic, emotional and spiritual level (negative news, digital media binging, porn addiction, psychological baggage, unhealed emotional wounds, entanglements, dysfunctional relationships), people accumulate a broad range and high levels of toxins in their minds and bodies.
Add to this existential fears and the worldwide panic mode, is it any wonder, that men and women collapse? Especially when triggered by even more toxic loads delivered via the new generation / nanotech vaccinations.
The present crisis is indicative that a toxic body is unable to thrive, or to even maintain balance, and that it is desperately trying to detoxify and cleanse itself.
“At first, each new medicament paralizses the vital powers; but in time, the system grows so insensitive to it, as no longer to react. A new and more potent remedy is now required to paralyse the vitality further, until finally the fermentation of foreign matter cannot be longer prevented by any means at all, and destruction of life is the result. (…) In allopathic doses the vaccine virus , like all allopathic remedies, has a paralysing effect on vital power; that is, it deprives the body of the vigor which it needs to throw off the foreign matter in it, by acute disease (curative crisis, fever). It increases also the quantity of the morbid matter and thus produces a far more chronic state. As clearly proved by the steady increase of chronic diseases since the introduction of vaccination. (…) Infection is impossible without the presence of foreign matter. The only proper remedy is one which cleanses the system and drives out the foreign matter, the source of predisposition.”
– Louis Kuehne (1835 – 1901), German Naturopath & Author
In other words: detox is essential for our well-being. Purification on all levels of existence that is. Physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

5.) How is it possible that so many Indians are in favour of the vaccine but have no idea what its ingredients are? We have a tradition of vegetarianism since time immemorial here in India. It is a mainstream way of living – out of concern for health and the environment as well as ahimsa (non-violence). India still has the largest vegetarian population and has the lowest meat consumption on the planet.
Maybe a wild hypothesis, but don’t you think that naturally most bodies would revolt if you injected them with gelatine from pigs, egg and yeast proteins, calf blood (bovine serum), human cell lines that were originally derived from aborted foetuses, aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde? And these are only some of the ingredients all vaccines have in common. Not to forget the active viral ingredient (antigen) and nanotech (hydrogels etc).
India’s long standing preference for a vegetarian diet is a contributing factor that influences people’s gene frequency (e.g. thalassemia gene frequency; or: researchers from Cornell University found a much higher frequency of an allele adaptive to a vegetarian diet in Indians / 68% than in the US / 18%), which makes me also wonder, if or to what degree medicine developed in the West can work for Indians.

Truth might be unpleasant and inconvenient. And we might deny or ignore it. But it remains true nevertheless. 

So far, in 2021 people who died after the jab, officially died from comorbidities. And people who died in 2020 of comorbidities, officially died from corona. In view of the contradictions and double-standards, the term “mockery” comes to mind.

My homework is done. Take this post as invitation to do your own research.

*) update 28. April 2021: the hospitalised father mentioned above has passed away. I just received the message. If you feel, join me in praying for him and the departed souls worldwide. May they be freed from all disturbances, entrapments and entanglements. May each individual have a safe, smooth and swift transit into the highest echelons and divine realms. Love.

2 Replies to “India | What’s going on?!”

  1. Marina, thank you for this incredibly valuable post.
    My parents are watching the news, seeing their home country deteriorate regurgitating the incline in cases daily. WE MUST CONTINUTE TO SHARE, as mainstream media as so blatantly corrupt- with more of us talking, the boat will tip.

    Bless You love, and keep shining your Light.

    1. Sister, Thanks a lot for the encouragement. Much appreciated. ♥ Wonderful work you do. Keep shining!

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