Guest Talk: Individual & Collective Trauma

During my recent Guest Talk in front of a group of Hypnotherapy students, I spontaneously addressed the topic of Trauma. Referring to the current situation on the planet – the climate of trauma and terror in the collective field – as well as narcissistic / co-dependent relationship patterns in a more individual context.

Content and issues touched upon:

  • Trauma and the current lock down situation
  • Unhealed childhood trauma and its effects
  • How Trauma skews our perception of self and others
  • Different traumatic experience
  • How emotional dysregulation and suboptimal behaviour patterns get established after trauma (in simple words!)
  • Why we perceive reality and truth in different ways.
  • Cognising truth needs integrity within
  • Trauma cases: 1.) loss of a parent, and 2.) divorce and suicide attempt
  • How to heal after traumatic experiences
  • Importance of healing methods that allow clients to see what is true for themselves
  • Unresolved issues are like glue and hold us back
  • Basic trauma responses (flight, fight, freeze, fawn)
  • Inferiority complex & Superiority complex
  • Dynamics of co-dependent / narcissistic relationship
  • Entity possession in narcissists
  • Liberating soul from attachments and entanglements

Here the compilation of 20 minutes with extracts from my one hour conversation with the group:

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